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Switched-On Schoolhouse Grade 6

Switched-On Schoolhouse Grade 6

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Grade Levels: 6th

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Bible: $99.95 $89.96
History/Geography: $99.95 $89.96
Language Arts: $99.95 $89.96
Math: $99.95 $89.96
Science: $99.95$89.96
Complete Set: $449.95 $404.96

Timberdoodle's review
Switched–On Schoolhouse The Switched-On Schoolhouse 6th Grade 5-Subject Set is a comprehensive, Biblically-based CD-ROM curriculum where students learn, study and do their schoolwork right on the computer. Subjects included are: Math, Language Arts, Science, History, Geography, and Bible. SOS Provides an interactive learning environment with 3-D animation, video clips, and other multimedia. SOS also features automatic grading, record keeping, and lesson planning with the click of a mouse.

...a Little Like Bread
A homeschool curriculum is a little like bread. There are those of us who grind our own wheat within minutes of kneading it (pun intended). Our eggs are still warm from the hen, our honey harvested from our own hives. We experiment with the ingredients, adding a handful of seeds for flavor, maybe a little cracked seven-grain mix for texture. We even try making the flour extra coarse to save time grinding, but only once. Most of the time we make standard loaves, but sometimes we make mini-loaves, buns, even an occasional cinnamon roll. When the bread emerges from the oven, we cut our slices to suit our individual tastes, heels for those who like the sturdy crusts, thick slices for the famished, thinner slices for those counting calories. Often it takes longer to grind enough wheat for a loaf of bread than it does to eat the same loaf.

Sometimes Ready-Made Accomplishes the Same Purposes
Then there are those who buy their bread from the store. It is customarily pre-sliced, often enriched, always convenient. There are some choices available, but never as wide a selection, and never as nutritious as what can be done at home. Still, when time is at a premium, a slice of store-bought bread with a spoonful of peanut butter will satisfy your hunger just as nicely as any home-ground, home-baked slice will. And isn't satisfying hunger the overall reason for bread anyway?

Switched-On Schoolhouse, the Best "Sliced-Bread" Option
In much the same way, we are grind-your-own educators. We prefer to have complete control over what our children are consuming. We are fussy about what they are feeding their minds and hearts. We are particular about what we are giving them a taste for. It often seems as if we spend more time researching materials than they do using them. However, many parents are just as committed to their children and would love to home educate, but feel that they cannot for many reasons: illness, singleness, children with special needs, or any number of upheavals that families of today must weather. For them, we are offering what we consider the best "sliced-bread" option on the market today.

No Easier Way to Teach Math, Language Arts, Science, History, Geography, and Bible!
Switched-On Schoolhouse is a full CD-ROM curriculum where children learn, study, and do their schoolwork right on the computer. SOS automatically guides the rate of student work, drills, and sets the level of achievement. You will also appreciate that the expanded answer key displays all acceptable answers for problems and questions which makes grading simpler for you and fairer for your students. Alpha Omega Publications seems to have it all covered with automatic grading and record-keeping. I cannot imagine an easier way to teach your child at home. This program will be a treasure for any parent who wants to home educate but feels inadequate for the task because of time, talent, or resources.
There are several features included in SOS, but among my favorites is the interactive game for one or two players that not only helps students practice but also reinforces what they have learned.
Click here to see a list of the features of benefits of Switched-On Schoolhouse

  • Five core subjects
  • Approximately 130 lessons per subject
  • Students guided through lessons at their own pace
  • Most of the grading is automatic
  • Individual subjects also available

  • Automatic Grading
    Get grades, scores, and reports with the click of a mouse! SOS grades approximately 85% of student work, allowing parents to preview upcoming assignments, print detailed report cards, and dedicate more time to hands-on teaching. A transcript report with GPA and credits also is available.
  • Advanced Lesson Planning
    Create sleek and convenient lesson plans exactly how you want them! Coordinate lesson plans with your school calendar or tailor-make your own assignments. The tools also enable you to:
    • Create or change semester or year-long courses in minutes
    • Add, remove, and re-order assignments
    • Pace lessons to fit your child's needs
    • Review student work, preview future lessons, and view
    all assignments and grading tasks on one page.

  • Individual Weekday Scheduling
    Designate specific days for certain subjects easily and quickly. For example, assign math only on Mondays and Tuesdays or set aside Friday for history.

  • Printing Options
    Get hard copies of assignments, lessons, vocabulary lists, records, or even additional student work and lesson reviews.

  • Multimedia & Learning Activities
    Put students on the edge of their seats with captivating movies, maps, timelines, and interactive learning games like All Right, Quiz Bowl, and Farmer Frank. Plus, challenge students to grasp difficult concepts and retain facts with hands-on practice. Graphical themes, avatars, and thousands of other multimedia elements keep students engaged.

  • Games
    Expand your child's vocabulary with electronic flash cards and an arcade of language building games like Moon Match, Vocabulocity, and Spelling Bee. Plus, make math review more fun with flash cards and math drill games. Improve mental math skills with the multi-level game Operantics and find hidden clues in Jeremiah Jones: Fact Quest.

  • Text-to-Speech
    Ideal for auditory learners and students who struggle with reading comprehension or pronunciation, text-to-speech allows students to listen to an entire lesson or select specific passages to be read aloud. Choose from several voices.

  • Instant Audio Feedback
    SOS provides immediate feedback on answers to questions within lessons. Positive reinforcement has never sounded so good!

  • Student Attendance Calendar
    Separate from your child's SOS coursework, this calendar allows parents to track student attendance for state homeschooling documentation

  • Automatic Curriculum Updates
    SOS users with an Internet connection receive revisions automatically via AOP's server, ensuring that your child stays on the cutting edge of education. A CD with the revisions also is available upon request.

    Download the following PDFs to view objectives for all SOS grade levels:
    SOS Bible Objectives (122.13 KB)
    SOS History Objectives (103.49 KB)
    SOS Language Arts Objectives (121.48 KB)
    SOS Math Objectives (133.19 KB)
    SOS Science Objectives (106.45 KB)
    * All files are in PDF file format and require you to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view them. Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

    Publisher's Information
    Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications
    Made In: USA

    System requirements:

    Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 10
  • 1.4 GHz or higher processor (2 GHz or higher processor recommended)
  • 2 GB Memory (RAM) (4 GB Memory or higher recommended)
  • 3 GB hard drive space (10 GB or higher recommended)
  • 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor, 16 bit color
  • CD-Rom drive
  • Adobe Reader
  • Printer recommended

    Windows Vista
  • 1.4 GHz or higher processor (2 GHz or higher processor recommended)
  • 1 GB Memory (RAM) (4 GB Memory or higher recommended)
  • 3 GB hard drive space (10 GB or higher recommended)
  • 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor, 16 bit color
  • CD-Rom drive
  • Adobe Reader
  • Printer recommended

    Note: Windows RT and XP are not supported.

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    my son is in grade February 24, 2015
    Reviewer: David S.  
    my son is in grade 5 but i decided to purchase this for extra work. he really likes the format and appreciates the questions

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    This product saved our school year! January 14, 2013
    Reviewer: Mit  
    I had to return to work this year and was so distraught at how our lives had changed. I was able to buy a history course that not only tied in with what my boys were already learning this year but they loved it! They are able to keep up with their own work, the daily work is engaging and it gives me the time to focus on the one on one work without having to teach history. Thanks SOS!

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    Dad's thoughts July 17, 2009
    Reviewer: Keith S. from Tennessee  
    Switching to SOS made a world of difference with my children. We stay on schedule, and I am assured they are getting a well-rounded education. I have control over their schedule, yet it is the curriculum that tells them what they have to accomplish. Thanks also for making it easier to homeschool several grades!

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    A Student's Perspective June 23, 2009
    Reviewer: Alexe E. from Missouri  
    This program is so great! My dad pulled me out of public school and put me on this, and I just love it! I even work sometimes on Saturdays on my own because it's so fun.

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    Interactive June 23, 2009
    Reviewer: Lisa C. from Texas  
    My son loves Switched-On Schoolhouse, and so do I! The interactive lessons and games keep schoolwork interesting for him, and the automatic grading makes it easy for me. If your children are visual learners or you're feeling like you're being stretched too thin with all the lesson planning and preparation that textbooks require, SOS is your answer!

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