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Seventh Grade 2014 Curriculum Refill
Seventh Grade 2014 Curriculum Refill - Seventh Grade

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Refill for 7th Grade Timberdoodle Curriculum 2014

Easy and Convenient Curriculum Refills
Timberdoodle has made it a snap to purchase "refills" of just the consumable items you need when you have a second student using our Curriculum Bundle! You don't need to buy an entire second curriculum, and you don't even need to sift through and figure out what you need, because we've done the work for you.

Save Money Teaching Multiple Children
Our Curriculum Refill includes only the consumable items for this grade level, saving you money when you homeschool twins or when you have a younger student coming up to this grade level the next year. Purchase one complete bundle, then buy only this money-saving Refill for the second student.

You won't find a better complete curriculum for your seventh-grader!

Most children dread grammar study because it is too complex. But Easy Grammar Plus is just that--easy. By deleting and marking certain words or phrases, Easy Grammar Plus employs a virtually "hands-on" approach. The vocabulary has been kept simple and, in most cases, the sentences are rather short. This very logical, simple, no-nonsense grammar program is easy to use because each lesson focuses on just one topic. Lots of review helps to ensure comprehensive learning with excellent results.

Easy Grammar Plus


From firefighters writing reports to law-makers authoring legal documents, an ability to write clearly will serve your child for the rest of his life. For young people who want to improve their writing skills, step-by-step instructions are provided that will help any writer improve his techniques. The introduction provides a brief review of grammar, followed by instruction on building stronger sentences, as well as exercise in descriptive and narrative writing, creating dialogue, story writing, and writing from a particular point of view. Plus, practice the essential skills of every good writer, proofreading and revising. Best of all, Wordsmith is filled with practicality, humor, and topics that will make your child smile as he writes. Includes both the Wordsmith student book and the Wordsmith teacher's guide.

This Student Response Book is a great convenience and works as an integral part of Sequential Spelling, equally compatible with each level of Sequential Spelling. Each day has room for the 25 words that are presented in each day of the Sequential Spelling series.

Sequential Spelling

Teaching Textbooks Math 7

Youíll be pleased to know you can purchase extra workbooks for Teaching Textbooks Math 7 without having to buy a complete extra Teaching Textbooks set. If you have two students doing this grade together or another student coming up to this grade, and already own the CDs, you can purchase an extra workbook here.

Tell your child he is going to learn to build a smoke bomb and watch him enthusiastically reach for Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics. This captivating course introduces your child to two breathtaking subjects which lend themselves quite naturally to a multitude of hands-on demonstrations that bring science to life. Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics will gently but thoroughly prepare your child for the more rigorous classes he will need in high school. Your Complete Curriculum includes the Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics hardbound text, including instructions for a wide range of engaging hands-on projects, and a Notebooking Journal. One note: Don't feel you need to fill in every spot in the notebook; pick and choose what your time and your child's interest allows!

Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

The Mystery of History

Itís here! No more racing to the copy shop, calling around town for the lowest copy prices or slicing the binding off your book! Our new CD-ROM saves time, money and headaches. Now you can print out all MOH I reproducibles from your home computer! This disk includes all pre-tests, post-tests, quarterly worksheets, semester tests, individual maps and most Appendices. A fantastic resource!

Unlike conventional dot-to-dot puzzles that reveal too much of the picture and ruin the mystery, the Extreme Dot-to-Dot puzzles are intricate and so challenging that, when your child looks at a page he will have no idea what the result will be. And you're not only reinforcing numbers and number order - these are each effective brainteasers and even many an adult has found both provoking and relaxing! This will be a treat for sluggish minds or weary bodies, a perfect way to start a slow-moving school day.

Extreme Dot-to-Dot - Around the World

Thinking Putty

When one of our children was a preschooler, we received the best advice a parent of a kinesthetic child could receive: Let her wiggle. And wiggle she did. I don't think she sat for schoolwork for many years. Thinking Putty offers your child a way to move without becoming a distraction. An impressive, adult-sized handful of high-quality, moldable putty, the non-toxic, non-gooey Thinking Putty will bounce, stretch, tear, drip, snap, even shatter. Finally, your little wiggler will be able to sit and listen!

Spectrum Test Practice offers a comprehensive and sequential way to practice the content areas offered on numerous standardized tests, plus access to online state-specific test practice. The up-to-date content reflects national standards and includes practice tests in reading, language arts, and math.

Spectrum Test Practice Grade 7

Gourmet Scented Pencil

Smencils (Scented Pencils) are made from 100% recycled newspapers; you can even see the layers of recycled newspaper when you sharpen them! Individually packed in their own freshness tubes (made of corn-based biodegradable plastic), guaranteed to keep the delicious aromas fresh for two years. (One Smencil included with each Complete Curriculum).

Editor in Chief Level 2

Editor-in-Chief is our favorite program to bridge the gap between grammar head knowledge and practical application. Your children will enjoy finding the errors in content, grammar, punctuation, and usage in each exercise. And catching the occasional discrepancies between pictures and the text add an extra challenge! Detailed solutions are included.

Editor-In-Chief Level 2

Chem C1000

Bigger and better than ever, Chem C1000 will lead your child through 125 diverse experiments to broaden the hands-on component of this year's science, as it lays the groundwork for understanding chemistry and builds a strong foundation in this fascinating subject. The 80-page full-color Experiment Manual introduces young scientists to a broad range of chemical phenomena and hands-on laboratory experience.

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