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  Red Herring Mysteries 2
Red Herring Mysteries 2

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One of the more critical fallacies that we must master is called the red herring. The point of this fallacy is to distract or divert you from your goal often by means of cleverly devised tales. The term originates from the tradition of training dogs to follow the scent of the fox by dragging a smoked herring across the trail. Initially the dogs would veer off to follow the stronger fish scent, but with training would learn the rewards of staying on the trail of the original scent. Isn't that just like our kids? You point them to God and the next thing you know they are chasing down the red herring trail of glory, money, or friendship. Help them to discern these erroneous ideas with this series of Red Herring Mysteries. Presented from a secular perspective, each mystery is concise, few are easy, and most are quite funny. Initially your child will be tempted to pay more attention to irrelevant facts than to the issue at hand, but with practice he will learn to hone in on the pertinent details. Master red herrings and your child will have a great foundation for defeating numerous sub-fallacies like straw man, bandwagon, and emotional appeal. There are sixty-four mysteries in this book.

Red Herring Mysteries develops a child's inferential and deductive thinking skills for more effective reading, listening, and logical thinking.
The activities also encourage creative brainstorming and flexible thinking.

Publisher's Information
Authors: Thomas Camilli
Activities: 64
Black & White:
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 1-60144-163-0
The Critical Thinking Co
Printed In: USA

Mensa Recommended Materials for the Gifted
The Well-Trained Mind Recommended Resource for Logic and Critical Thinking

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