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Raising Real Men
Raising Real Men

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Many Choices
Guns, or a gun-free zone? Cops with robbers or good guys only? Competitive or cooperative play? Formal sports or family sports? Dating or courtship? College or apprenticeship?

The Book I Wished I Had
Raising sons can be a baffling, agonizing assignment. And it can be pure joy! After five years and three daughters, we thought we had finally hit our stride in parenting, but Abel's appearance added a whole 'nother learning curve. Raising Real Men is the book I wished I had during those years of decision-making.

A Vision of Godly Boyhood
Without a religious list of dos and don'ts, Hal and Melanie Young give gentle advice based not only on years of raising six sons of their own, but more importantly on scriptural guidelines. Comprised of two parts -- what boys, if left unchecked, do that drive parents crazy; and how parents, if they fail to reveal God's agendas to their sons, drive boys crazy -- Raising Real Men presents a vision of what godly boyhood looks like.

Biblical, Honest, Effective, and Inspiring
Most impressive, and what I lacked in those formative years, is the balance the Youngs give to what are often alienating topics. Their transparency to share what worked and what didn't not only gives the rationale behind the principles but also adds to their credibility. Biblical, honest, effective, and inspiring, what more could you want from a parenting book? Timberdoodle highly recommends Raising Real Men.
Raising Real Men is endorsed by:
Dr. Tedd Tripp
Dr. R. C. Sproul, Jr.
Chris Klicka
Douglas Wilson
J. Micheal Smith Esq.
Kevin Swanson

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Publisher's Information
Author: Hal & Melanie Young
Pages: 253
Binding: Softcover
Copyright: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9841443-0-3
Publisher: Great Waters Press
Printed In: USA

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So glad I bought this June 19, 2014
Reviewer: Catherine E.  
This was recommended by a friend, and I am so glad I made the purchase! Some of the tips are pretty self-explanatory - others not as much. I have two daughters, so I'm very familiar with raising GIRLS..but boys are so much different, and have truly different needs! There are several points made that I never would have thought of on my own. And I love that they give scripture here and there to help illustrate their points!

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Real men! January 14, 2013
Reviewer: Seeking Truth Daily  
We need more books about raising boys to men. Too many wimpy boys out there who never grow up. It is good to encourage mama's and daddy's to raise real men in a world who demasculines them. Thanks for a godly book.

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Raising Real Men Review by Finding Joy January 12, 2012
Reviewer: Rachel from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
This is a brilliant book that I've recently read regarding raising boys to become men. Let me tell you - I was extremely blessed by the sound Biblical principles that this book consistently draws it's truth from. This book has encouraged me as a mother, and emphasizes how raising Godly men starts at home, and that starts with acknowledging who the Lord has made boys to be.

I highly recommend reading Raising Real Men if you're a mom of boys. I know the book will remain on my shelf next to my bed for many, many years.

Read the rest of this review at http://rachelmariemartin.blogspot.com/2011/11/raising-real-men-thoughts-and-review.html

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Raising Real Men Review by The Hamricks January 11, 2012
Reviewer: Jennifer from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
While reading this book I underlined things I felt to be of great importance, dating along the margins because I love to see what was important to me at certain times in life.  I’m sure I’ll read this again (and again) and mark those dates.  What hits me as important now with boys at the ages of 10, 8, 7, & 1 will look vastly different when they’re 16, 14, 13, and 5.

I underlined something in every single chapter.  I was reminded of why I taught the boys to do their own laundry at age seven and why I make them do the “woman’s work” of cleaning the bathroom, sweeping, and picking up around here.  Their wives will love me for it (and in return, possibly grant me the joy of having grandchildren!!!  Thinking of the future, here, peeps!).

I highly recommend this book and found almost nothing to disagree with.  The only thing I could list as a disagreement was that they recommend teaching older children to use credit cards safely so that when they grow up they are not tempted by the little plastic keys to debt.  I prefer to teach my children that credit cards are a very tempting way to purchase more than you can afford and that they need to stay clear of them, never touching them.  (If you want to discuss the, “you must have a good credit score to buy a house or a credit card to rent a car” topic, I’ll happily do so.  We don’t have credit cards and travel all over Europe using debit cards.  They work the same way as credit cards and we come home from vacation and only the pictures follow us home… no credit card bills!)  The Youngs teach that children should be taught how to use credit and pay it off at the end of a month.  I prefer to just teach my sons to save up and pay for the things they need.  This is the only real topic I disagreed with.

I do hope that those of you raising a son, or multiple sons, will pick up a copy of this book.  Enjoy reading and may you find joy in raising your sons.

Read the rest of this review at http://thehamricks.wordpress.com/2011/11/23/raising-real-men-a-review/

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Review by The Work of Childhood January 10, 2012
Reviewer: Gabby from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
They hit the nail on the head in SO many parts of the book...boys natural competitiveness, AND even more pertinent in our home...the choice to lose (or give up) rather than try! Can't tell you how many times we've had that happen over the years...riding a bike, trying something new at the playground...you name it!

The book gives helpful suggestions on everything you can imagine: the importance of heroes, developing leadership qualities, money management, learning at home, fostering independence and SO much more...

The book is a quick read and has MANY Biblical suggestions for handling all those little "quirks" that come along with raising boys!!

Read the rest of this review at http://www.workofchildhood.com/2011/11/raising-real-men-review.html

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