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Pilgrim's Progress Graphic Novel Set
Pilgrims Progress Graphic Novel Set
Pilgrim's Progress Graphic Novel Set

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Timberdoodle's review

Journey the Obstacle-filled Path with Pilgrim
There's no book in English, apart from the Bible, to equal the enormously influential 17th-century classic The Pilgrim’s Progress’ impact in literature. This gripping allegory of man's religious journey in search of salvation follows the pilgrim as he travels an obstacle-filled road to the Celestial City. Even the great preacher Charles Spurgeon said, “Next to the Bible, the book I value most is John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress.”

Themes and Struggles that Resonate
Originally printed with what we would today call archaic language, the story carried such simple charm that for many years The Pilgrim's Progress was the "other book" in the Christian home, studied and taught only second to the Bible itself. Even today The Pilgrim's Progress offers themes and struggles that would resonate with any modern Christian.

Even More to Love in Graphic Novel Format
Now there is even more to love with The Pilgrim’s Progress Graphic Novel Set. This special edition 2-volume set of The Pilgrim's Progress is shortened and retold in graphic novel form for those who want to know Bunyan's story but find the language of the original difficult to understand.

Refreshing and Accessible
Refreshingly readable, the best elements of Bunyan’s rich prose are now accessible for the modern reader, and the detailed color illustrations of The Pilgrim’s Progress Graphic Novel Set will delight readers of any age and will develop better comprehension of the spiritual significance of the words.

Two-volume Set
In Volume 1, Christian begins his travels from his hometown, the City of Destruction (this world) to the Celestial City (that which is to come: Heaven). In Volume 2, Christian completes his journey.

In keeping with a typical graphic novel style, several figures are drawn in a way that many of us consider to be a poor role model for modesty. Overall we think that The Pilgrim’s Progress Graphic Novel Set is still excellent, but many parents will want to peruse it with some white-out before they hand it to their child.

Two-volume set retells John Bunyan’s classic allegory in a compelling graphic novel format!

Preview Volume 1 here
Preview Volume 2 here

Publisher's Information
Author: John Bunyan
Adapted by: Lee Tung & Johnny Wong
Pages: 152 per volume
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: Approx 5 3/4 x 8 1/4"
Copyright: 2011
Publisher: Kingstone Comics
9781613280577 (vol 1)
9781613280584 (vol 2)
Faith-Based: Yes

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BEWARE LITTLE EYES August 28, 2015
Reviewer: A.P.  
The message of the book may be good but that was lost for me in the images that some may find both frightening and highly sexual. For those that would like more details on the negative content, here are a few scenes. There are images of angels with tight clothing accentuating their robust detailed female form. Christian is being tempted by sexual sin where the âœquagmire❠of women are, though blurred, fully naked and above is a sexual portrait of two women top-half implied naked in a sexual situation. There are images of emaciated skeletal beings, similar to adult zombie movies, that for some young eyes would be very frightening. There is a seduction scene with the young woman's revealed female form making advances as she kisses Christian, pressing on him and a close up of her mouth seductively lying on his chest. You have women draping themselves sexually over beds, clothes hanging off, detailed female form where the design of the clothing mimics further detail. Even Jesus loin cloth is uncomfortably low. You have a woman lying in bed with a man who is holding a glass of wine, as sheâ™s draped over his lap under the sheets and smiling. There is a close up of a naked man with pooling blood hiding his male anatomy. There are a few pages depicting a sinful city with ample female forms revealed in sexual, prostitute poses. One of the girlâ™s skirts is flying up in the face of the person next to her. There is a scene detailing Christian slitting his wrists showing the cutting and the blood dripping out of the wound. There are images of detailed zombie creatures missing skin, showing bloody fleshy faces, and one man being tortured by them as his eye lids, nose and face are being pulled apart. At the end when arriving in heaven there are a gathering of beautiful women to greet the new comers with the front and center woman revealing her female form in detail. These are not images I could recommend for young eyes, even to teach a good lesson. This is a starkly different version of the favorite childhood classic I grew up with. Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When you eye is good, your whole body is filled with light. But when it is bad, your body is filled with darkness. TD Reply; Andrea, thank you taking the time to give such a detailed and heartfelt review. We by no means approve of the sensuality that you have described, yet we think that within the context of the wicked characters Bunyan describes, some of the depictions are fitting. However, for the ones that are over the top, we had already added a brief note to our product description, alerting parents to what is included, and are rewording it to be a bit clearer. However, your description is very meticulous, and we are grateful as it will prove helpful for some parents as they decide whether or not this set will be a good fit for their family. Thanks again, and we are so sorry that this set was a disappointment for you. â“ the Timberdoodle Team

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My 8 year old son really likes this book March 28, 2015
Reviewer: DaNae J.  
This set does a great job of holding my son's attention. He loves pouring over the pictures. I, myself, have been convicted by many of the lessons depicted in Pilgrim's Progress. It has been a joy to explain to him how we can relate with the characters in the story line. I think that his eyes were opened to the reality of what living a Christian life is really like through this storyline. A+But there is a downside... I do not like the immodesty of the women in these books. They are very skinny and cleavage is not hidden at all. The illustrators could've done a much better job on the women without showing so much! For this reason, I had almost gotten rid of this set. The immodesty is why I take off 1 star.

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Very cool to see this January 26, 2015
Reviewer: Rachel R.  
Very cool to see this classic story in graphic novel form. My 8 year old boy pours over these stories.

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Graphic Novel Pilgrims Progress Set January 6, 2014
Reviewer: Susan T.  
Kids like the illustrations to help them understand the story

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