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Phonics Tutor Teacher's Manual
PhonicsTutor Teacher's Manual

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Timberdoodle's review
PhonicsTutor Teacher's Manual documents everything presented/taught in PhonicsTutor CD-ROM. You can easily see if a lesson is long or short, and what words are taught. All dictated sentences are included for easy reference, as are all rules and additional information that are taught to the student orally via the CD-ROM. If you have a child who is already reading, but not smoothly, you can pick and choose lessons that will teach the necessary information.

You will also find a list of goals, special information to make the teaching of the material more effective, help for students who are having difficulties, and more. There is even a helpful chart of the 300 Most Frequent Words. It lists words alphabetically and includes the lesson number where the word is or can be introduced in PhonicsTutor. Extremely helpful. If you, like me, were not taught to read phonetically, you'll find the PhonicsTutor Teacher's Manual invaluable.

About Phonics Tutor:
As a teaching parent, you know that the most important educational tool you will ever give your child is the ability to read fluently. Failing that, your child will experience a lifetime of missed opportunities. For many children, the reading process is a thrilling adventure and a simple phonics program is enough. For other children, the process is a wearisome journey and after selling reading materials for many years we realize that for some children, a simple approach will not be sufficient.

We have had the sad experience of counseling moms whose children's education has been all but been obliterated because they are not competent readers. Twenty years ago, we were scornful of the need for high-priced phonics programs; now we are advocates of using whatever it takes to get a child to read fluently. If your older child has never mastered reading, or needs a little remedial help, may we suggest PhonicsTutor?

After months investigating many other phonics programs, both written and computerized, we found nearly every other reading program is geared for 4 - to 7-year-olds. By the time you realize that you have a potential problem in your home, your child will have outgrown the silliness of many of these programs.

With no dancing bears or racing bunnies, PhonicsTutor seems uniquely designed to meet the needs of the reluctant or non-reading older child. PhonicsTutor is a step-by-step computerized teaching tool with 128 lessons and seven activities within each lesson to instruct and reinforce the main topic. All 3,500 words are presented orally along with associated spelling rules. Phonetic analysis, reading, word spelling and diction activities make PhonicsTutor appealing to all learning modalities. No other program we examined has matched PhonicsTutor for thoroughness and ease of use. It is a perfect format for the older non-reader or special need child. A young child who is already reading but needs additional phonics work may find Frequent Words, (see software), more appropriate.

Reading does not have to be an arduous, painful task that has to be achieved on anyone else's timetable but your own, but it does have to be achieved. If you think that you have a child who needs help in this area, and is ready for this assistance, then that should be your one goal this year. We believe the PhonicsTutor programs can help even the most desperate reader to build competency.And, since such a large percentage of spelling is the ability to correlate sounds to a series of letters, PhonicsTutor likewise excels as a spelling program. If your child agonizes over notorious spelling or the pronunciation of unfamiliar words, you won't find a better program.
The detailed PhonicsTutor Classic Teacher's Manual shows every presentation screen in the PhonicsTutor CD-ROM, plus lists all dictated sentences. It is the roadmap that enables you to make the very best use of the CD. It provides instructions for assessing that students are reading phonetically, directions for expanding lessons when needed, spelling rules, a pronunciation guide, beginning syllabication rules, and additional phonics information for teachers. If you were not taught to read phonetically or if you have never taught phonics before, you owe it to yourself to invest in this wonderful teaching aid.

Publisher's Information
Author: David L. Hickerson, Ph.D., Janelle M.-E. Hickerson, B.S.
Pages: 202
Binding: Spiral
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: 4:20 Communications
Made In: USA

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