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The Mystery of Lyle and Louise - Small Class Edition
The Mystery of Lyle and Louise - Small Class Edition

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The Mystery of Lyle and Louise
Are your teens exasperated at the ho-hum selections your homeschool co-ops are offering? When the most exciting class is poetry writing or oil painting, is it any wonder that they would look longingly at the wider selection offered by both private and government schools? Put some zing back into your co-op and watch the teens enroll in droves with The Mystery of Lyle and Louise.

Hands-on Science and Social Justice
The National Science Education Standards would like to see students actively participating in scientific investigations. The Mystery of Lyle and Louise is a proven solution for engaging teens in science through forensic investigation. Students are drawn towards forensic science not only because it is hands-on science but also because of the desire to see justice prevailing.

Complete Curriculum with Nine Analytical Techniques
Until now, the lack of background knowledge and/or highly technical equipment has prevented the introduction of forensic science as a homeschool option. But The Mystery of Lyle and Louise is a comprehensive kit, designed as a complete curriculum for homeschooled students. In it, your teens will learn how forensic scientists perform the nine following analytical techniques: Blood Spatter Analysis, Forensic Entomology, Foot-print Analysis, Blood Detection and Evidence Processing, Document Analysis, Fingerprint Analysis, Bite Marks Analysis, Glass Fragment Identification, and Drug Testing and Analysis. After practicing these techniques, the students will analyze evidence in The Mystery of Lyle and Louise kit to examine the crime.

Introduces Skills in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Criminal Justice
Supplies in the kit are for groups of about six students. The Mystery of Lyle and Louise is geared to high school and undergraduate courses and is matched to National Science Education Standards. The teacher manual is found on an interactive CD-ROM. There are some charts and files that are only accessible via internet, so computer access is required. The Mystery of Lyle and Louise introduces skills in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, criminal justice, and more, so it is relevant to a wide range of career aspirations. Nearly every-thing you need for all the labs is included; see below for a complete list of what you will need to also have on hand.
Click here to download a sample of the 135 page The Mystery of Lyle and Louise teacher's manual.

The Mystery of Lyle and Louise: Small Class Edition includes all of the following forensic units:

  • Blood Spatter Analysis
  • Forensic Entomology
  • Footprint Analysis
  • Blood Detection and Evidence Processing
  • Questioned Document Analysis
  • Fingerprint Analysis
  • Bite Marks Analysis
  • Glass Fragment Identification
  • Drug Testing and Analysis

    Supplies are included for 1 group of up to 6 students. This kit is geared to high school and undergraduate courses, and is matched to National Science Education Standards.

    Required Equipment (not included)
  • Dissection microscope or hand lenses
  • Lab gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Zipper bags (optional)
  • Tweezers/forceps
  • Computer with MS Excel and Internet access
  • Clear tape
  • Meter stick
  • Water
  • Camera (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Wax pencils (optional)
  • Overhead transparencies or clear glass surface (such as glass from picture frame)
  • Weigh boat or petri dish
  • Sodium lamp or 598nm wavelength filter (optional)

  • Included:
    1 cardboard blood drop angle support
    10 sheets 11" 17" paper
    1 bottle synthetic blood
    2 Pasteur pipettes
    2 Pasteur pipette bulbs
    1 cardboard cabin model
    4 crime scene blood spatter images
    4 blood spatter evidence sheets
    18" String
    1 box of push pins
    1 tape measure
    1 protractor
    1 set of Species A life stages (6 vials)
    1 set of Species B life stages (6 vials)
    1 Evidence Collection set (2 vials)
    1 bag of dental stone
    1 photo of crime scene shoeprint
    1 evidence casting
    1 set of SoleMate shoe data pages
    1 bottle hydrogen peroxide
    1 bottle phenolphthalein solution
    1 set cotton swabs
    1 set positive control and testing cards
    1 crime scene carpet sample
    1 set of 12 receipts
    3 sheets of photocopied receipts
    12 thin layer chromatography plates
    6 bottles TLC Solvent
    1 TLC analysis jar
    100 microcapillary pipettes
    30 hinge lifters
    1 fingerprinting brush
    1 jar dusting powder
    1 professional fingerprinting ink pad
    1 set suspect fingerprint cards
    1 evidence fingerprint from the crime scene
    10 pieces base plate wax
    1 set base plate wax labels
    1 bite mark photo
    1 matching bite impression
    1 bite impression from victim
    72 microscope slides
    100 microscope cover slips
    3 bottles refractive index liquid
    4 glass sample containers
    2 bottles of drug testing reagents
    1 sample unknown powder
    6 known powder samples
    2 spot plates
    7 powder dispenser spatulas
    1 set GC-MS data
    Interactive CD-ROM with Teacher's Manual

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