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(damaged) Language Lessons for Little Ones, Volume 2
Language Lessons for Little Ones 2

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Ages: 4-6
Grade Levels: Kindergarten - 1st grade

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Language Lessons for Little Ones 2
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Taking up where Volume 1 leaves off, Volume 2 adds phonics instruction and simple copywork. Done with nice, large print to copy and large line spaces for the beginning reader/writer--another thoughtful touch in a stellar program.

Five- to Ten-Minute Daily Lessons
Straightforward, child-friendly lessons provide 180 daily opportunities to teach:

  • Phonics instruction
  • Simple copywork
  • Picture studies
  • Introduction to the alphabet
  • Poetry
  • Story appreciation
  • and more!

    About the Language Lessons Series:

    Charlotte Mason: Learning in Context
    As soon as the review copies of these books arrived, I was smitten. This is the finest implementation of the Charlotte Mason method of instruction I have ever seen. If you are new to home education, the Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) name may not be familiar to you. A British educator who devoted her life to improving the quality of children's education, to Charlotte Mason, language arts skills consisted of narration, the child telling back a story; copywork, the transcribing of a well-written piece of literature as handwriting practice; and dictation, which is spelling and grammar taught within the context of rich language instead of static lists.

    From Theory to Ready-to-Use
    Sandi Queen has done an excellent job of combining those lesson essentials, and even if she had stopped there it would have been a fine program. But instead, she takes the series from satisfactory to exceptional by adding delightful flourishes that include picture studies with full-color paintings, basic phonics instruction, poetry appreciation and writing, creative writing, and much more.

    Full-Color Paintings Make These Books Sparkle
    It is the gorgeous reproduction of notable paintings that will first catch your eye. True to the Charlotte Mason philosophy, the picture studies are based on classic works of art, introducing the child to the paintings of great artists, encouraging him to study them by asking pertinent questions, and then asking for a narration of what he has observed.

    Very Short Lessons Cover Lots of Material Easily
    Likewise characteristic of the Charlotte Mason approach, each lesson takes a scant five to fifteen minutes a day. This increases a bit with age, but is never as time-consuming as you will find in the more staid programs typical of government schools. And Language Lessons doesn't try to do everything every day, which alleviates the tedium associated with other language arts programs. I know many mothers who struggle under the multiple pressures of parenting and educating, to say nothing of their responsibilities as wives and Christ-followers. But I don't know any mother who is too busy to use this program. Each book is a large, consumable, perfect-bound paperback, containing 180 lessons, and in full color.
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    Consumable workbook with full-color pictures
    180 daily lessons
    5-10 minute lessons

    Publisher's Information
    Author: Sandi Queen
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    Awards and Endorsements:
    Practical Homeschooling Reader Award, Top Ranked by Homeschoolers, 2012

    Average Customer Review: 3.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 19 Write a review.

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    Very Good July 8, 2015
    Reviewer: Catherine  
    I used this series with my 3 oldest children at various grade levels-and though it seems a bit too light it really is enough for this area of study. My children scored very well on the in depth testing they had each year. I think of this gentle learning style like a bubble bath-it is fun, but serves a much needed purpose too! Making homeschooling delightful while teaching to a high standard is a gift we have been given if we so choose, and this curricula helps in that, in my view. (And may I say- if your child does not love a text you have purchased, that's okay- chances are they won't get giddy over a lot of things in life, but we can just encourage them to work through it and preserver!)

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    Good for short attention spans January 19, 2015
    Reviewer: Catherine E.  
    I do like this better than book 1 - that one was just WAY too easy. This is better, but the lessons are very short. My daughter is a very eager learner and gets frustrated shifting gears as often as we do in this book (we'll do 4 or 5 lessons at a time because they are so short). I am hanging on to the book, because I think it may work very well for my son, who does NOT have the attention span my daughter has. I think this book would be great for the kid that can't hold still and focus for long ;)

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    Not satisfied October 2, 2014
    Reviewer: Tasha B.  
    We received this book in the Kindergarten curriculum kit. It's not our favorite. Kind of boring, confusing, and quality wasn't all there. We skipped this book because we just couldn't get into it. I wouldn't buy it or any of the series again.

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    Not our cup of tea... August 28, 2014
    Reviewer: Mandi B.  
    My Kindergartener and I both find this book boring, but we are trying to give it a go. She really enjoys the poetry and pictures, but not much else.

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    Disappointed August 22, 2014
    Reviewer: Danielle C.  
    I wanted to like this when it came with the K kit, but we are skipping most of it.The reading lesson portions don't match up with the reading book that came with the kit so I was teaching two completely different things (sounds, words, copy work etc) at the same time and it was just too confusing for my daughter. I just use the art and poem lessons once a week so it isn't a complete waste of $. You could easily save the $ and do this on your own though. I wouldn't buy it again. Print quality is also poor on the art work. TD Reply: You make some great points. If it's of any help to you, we completely agree that it's not in sync with the Reading Lesson. This does not alarm us for a couple of reasons: one is that getting the same information from a different perspective can be helpful for a child. It can clear away the cobwebs and bring a blurry concept into focus. However, this is definitely not true for every child. Some would find the discontinuity stressful. For that child, we would do exactly what you're doing and skip over those lessons. That is actually the other reason we've not been overly concerned. We feel that even skipping the phonics and only doing the poems and pictures Language Lessons is still so valuable that it's worth the investment in the book. You are right, many parents could do this with a handful of books from the library, and kudos to you (seriously! That's SO awesome!) if you are. But many parents feel intimidated to try that without some guidance, at least initially. So we hope this book will get them off and running, without stress.

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