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Jump at Home Grade 5
Jump at Home Grade 5

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Grade Levels: 5th

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Jump Math 5 Sample Pages (pdf)

JUMP at Home Grade 5: Junior Undiscovered Mathematical Prodigies
Covers mental math exercises, hundreds charts, times tables, fractions, sequences, t-tables, number lines, comparing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, long division, rounding, estimating, money, algebra, decimals, and more!

Please Note: This curriculum is published in Canada so money concepts are taught picturing Canadian coins and measurements are metric.

About the Jump Math Curriculum
Let's be candid, some children grasp math more easily than others. For the child that intuitively understands mathematical concepts and is easily bored, check out Horizons Math. But if you regularly experience tears from your child whenever new mathematical topics are introduced, you will be relieved to know that there is a more systematic, precept upon precept math program just for him.

Spiral or Mastery Math?
Spiral math programs present a variety of topics at the same time. Through repeated exposure, children have numerous opportunities to learn and master the concepts. However, that method will not work for all children. Instead, a math mastery program that requires children to fully understand a concept before moving on to another one offers greater success.

Clear, To The Point, Effective, and No Teacher's Manual Is Necessary!
With simple, uncluttered pages, Jump Mathematics is mastery-oriented, clear, to the point, it makes sense, and it is effective. In Jump Mathematics, new ideas are introduced step-by-step in a logical order, while concepts that have been mastered are reviewed periodically. This program is so straightforward that no teacher's manual is necessary.

Simple, Inexpensive, Common Sense
If you want to give your child an exceptionally solid mathematical foundation, if you are looking for a program that is student-driven with minimal parental involvement, if your child is shaky on the basics, or if you are just looking for an inexpensive, no frills, common sense program, you are sure to be pleased with Jump Mathematics.

Is This a Complete Curriculum?
Yes and no. The publisher says that it is not really complete, but that it is a remedial program to be used alongside whichever math program your student is struggling with. We beg to differ. While every student is unique, after carefully evaluating the series we feel that a student who goes step-by-step through this program should have a solid math foundation and be adequately prepared to graduate into Teaching Textbooks (our advanced math curriculum of choice).

What Would You Do?
While we consider Jump Mathematics to be adequate as a stand-alone program, we would supplement Jump 5-8 with Mathematical Reasoning Book 2. Because Mathematical Reasoning uses a fast-paced, spiral approach it will help keep math fresh for your child by covering topics at an entirely different pace than Jump. More important than that though, Mathematical Reasoning places a huge emphasis on thinking skills, which helps your child to grasp the same math concepts from an entirely different angle without tedium. How perfect!
Download the free 5th Grade Answer Key here

Author: John Mighton
Pages: 170
Binding: Paperback Workbook
Copyright: 2010
ISBN: 9780887849787
Publisher: House of Anansi Press Inc.
Made In: Canada
Consumable: Yes
Reproducible: No

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I Use this as supplement, and love it. October 29, 2013
Reviewer: linda s.  
I have a daughter who used to love math. And then I changed our math program in an effort to challenge her. Well, it worked. She was challenged enough that she decided she hated math. NOT the effect I was hoping for. Still, I persisted in the math program that we had, and she eventually worked through those books.Then, another parent recommended JUMP math to me as a way to ensure that my child was retaining the things that she had previously learned. I did my research, and added it to my math program. Now, my daughter (who last year hated math so badly that she took two years to do one program) enjoys math (at least she doesn't complain, and she's working steadily to complete it!) She does her JUMP math first, before her other two math workbooks because she finds it "easy to do". There are some parts that she still asks for help on, and some things that she rolls her eyes at doing, but she's doing them, and for me that's a huge plus! She is even finding that the things she does in her JUMP workbooks will cross over to her Singapore, and then to her Daily Word Problems, and she's finding it easier to complete those also! (A HUGE plus for me!)No more fighting over doing simple math, she's doing it on her own!JUMP Math is on the same level as the public schools at that grade (as near as I can tell), so I use it to make sure that my daughter is retaining the information that she learned through Singapore the year before. I'm finding that there are some things that she didn't learn as well as I had hoped, but JUMP is filling those gaps in. I highly recommend it - the price is reasonable, and the answers are easy even for me to figure out!

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Pretty good for spiral method April 18, 2011
Reviewer: Angela Maddox from Lebanon, OR United States  
I am not a huge fan of the spiral method but we needed something to make sure we had some areas covered for testing. This workbook does a very thorough job of covering a lot of concepts including patterns, fractions and decimals. The directions were easy to follow. It was easy to get a bit lost in the amount of work on each page but overall we have been pleased. We are in our second week using these books and they are a great way to make sure we have covered a lot of topics. I still prefer the mastery method of teaching math but I think this is a great workbook using the spiral method.

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