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  Interactive Science - 1st Grade Homeschool Bundle
Interactive Science - 1st Grade Homeschool Bundle

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Timberdoodle's review
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Interactive Science
No one program works wonderfully for every family. Yet, until now we offered no alternative to Apologia, simply because we could not find one worthy of Timberdoodle's recommendation. Interactive Science is the perfect fit.

Notebooking in Your Textbook
Notebooking, or making a notebook of all your scientific discoveries of the year is one of the most effective ways to learn. Not only does it give your child a single place for their workbook pages, science experiment results and observations, but it also helps your child take the time to consider and write down the highlights of what they learned.

Truly Interactive Approach
Interactive Science's bright pages offer a huge variety of lesson styles and activities. Each chapter begins with questions designed to get your young scientist thinking about and predicting answers relating to this month's subject. You'll then find the information essential to the month's studies, all written to the student and laid out in a friendly, non-overwhelming fashion. Each chapter also includes vocabulary cards, worksheets, hands-on science activities, chapter reviews, problem solving activities, an Investigate It! section with a chance to put together everything learned in the chapter, and more! Complete, engaging and varied, what more could you ask for?

You Pay Only for the Features You Need
This program was initially designed for the public school system and one of the ways they have reduced the price from somewhere around $350 is to leave out the online portion of the course and limit the features on the e-version of the teacherís guide. So you'll see mentioned at the end of a lesson to go to the website and look at___ (for instance, "sing along with animated science songs" or "watch and learn") but if you try to follow the link you won't have access to those resources. These are extra activities not essential to the course, so do not worry about skipping them!

Most Economical Teacher's Edition Ever
Your Homeschool Bundle comes with a one year access code that allows you to download or view the complete teacher's edition online. All the content is there without the expense of another book! You can even download it to your iPad if you like. Teacher Edition Access Keys cannot be returned once opened and the Teacherís Edition is not available in any other format.

Limitations to the Teacherís Edition
You should be aware that the resources in the Teacher's Edition are viewable but not printable in the Homeschool Bundleís Teacher Edition. This could be mildly frustrating, but not necessarily problematic. It does mean, for example, that if you want to use the quizzes where available, youíll need to do them orally, as a word processing document, or be creative in finding a way to use that part of the resource. The limitations to the Teacherís Edition donít particularly alarm us, because we believe the interactive student book can stand alone without the need for any of the teacher resources, but the limited features that are included are there for those parents who want them.

A Note for Conservative Christians
Interactive Science is written from a secular perspective so evolution and evolutionary dating are mentioned on occasion. Unlike other texts we've reviewed, this isn't a main focus of Interactive Science. If this is otherwise the perfect program for your student, don't be discouraged by that, but do be sure to take time to discuss the issues with your child.

That Awkward Subject
Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, Interactive Science does address that awkward subject of reproduction. Take time to skim the pertinent lesson or two and determine if your student really needs/is ready for this information. The subject is handled tastefully and teaches about body systems rather than any titillating details, yet at least in Life Science (6th-8th grade) our family would probably have skipped a lesson or two until we were older.
Ages: 6+
Write-in Student Edition
Teacher's Edition eText
Parent Guide
ISBN: 9780328748624

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