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  History Revealed: Ancient Civilizations & the Bible
History Revealed: Ancient Civilizations & the Bible

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Ages: 11+
Grade Levels: 6th-12th

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History Revealed*:
Essentials Bundle $64.99:
(Includes Teacher, Student, and What in the World? cds)
Teacher Guide $26.99
Student Manual $21.99
What in the World CDs $19.99
Digging Deeper CDs $16.50
True Tales CDs $16.50
Test Kit $8.50

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The First 4,000 Years of World History
Ancient Civilizations and the Bible, the first volume of Diana Waring’s History Revealed series, is the journey from creation to Christ. Ancient Civilizations covers the major events, civilizations, and personalities in the first 4,000 years of world history.

History as your child has never experienced it!
History Revealed is a three-year course that passionately presents history with take-away assignments that are as diverse as your children. Designed with four learning styles in mind, History Revealed allows students to approach history from a variety of subject areas. This emphasis on "Unit Studies" allows your teen opportunities to learn history through geography, science, art, architecture, music, literature, creative writing, and more.

How Does It Work?
Here is how it works. In each title there are nine units, each unit divided into four one-week phases. In week one your student will read the assigned article in the Student Manual. The dramatic and captivating presentation of the events leads to reflective questions designed to encourage your child to think.

Each Week Has a Different Focus
The emphasis in week two is exploration and discovery, so your teen will select a related topic from a list of possibilities to investigate more deeply. Week three focuses on the geography, arts, and sciences of the period covered and involves your child in some sort of hands-on activity. Mapping, art, or cooking are just some of the variety of possibilities. The fourth and final week on that unit involves the more creative side of history and can include a historical poem, a stop-motion video, or even an original song.

A Decidedly Christian Worldview
With a decidedly Christian worldview, History Revealed will frequently challenge your student to consider what God might be doing in a particular moment of history. This will extend his understanding past the fleeting value of academic knowledge to the more significant understanding of God’s character.

Not-So-Optional Audio CDs
Diana Waring, author of History Revealed, states that while several sets of supplemental CDs are available, it is the What in the World? CDs that are truly essential. As she states, "When I wrote the introductory articles for each of the units in the Student Manual, I specifically did NOT include the material discussed on the CDs. Knowing that my materials were being used by missionaries far from library access, I wanted to put as much information as possible into the curriculum. That meant that I did not duplicate the information on the CDs anywhere in the book. (There are occasionally some crossover, but that is just for the purpose of moving on to the next point.) What this means is that I wrote the book with the understanding that people would be listening to the CDs as well as reading the articles. . . so many of the questions, research projects, creative projects, etc., reference things I discuss on the CDs." So in light of that, you are going to want those CDs in order to get the complete breadth of the curriculum.

Optional True Tales CD Set
If you want to give your children a great understanding and appreciation of this time period, consider adding the True Tales CD Set. This audio CD set featuring Diana Waring contains short vignettes of history, biographies of fascinating people, and descriptions of incredible events from this time period.Presented in a storyteller's enthusiastic manner, these accounts of people and events are supplemental to the material heard in the What in the World? CDs

Optional Digging Deeper CD Set
To fully understand the times of world history, one must understand the history of God's people and the church. Diana whisks you along through history, showing God's amazing grace through it all! Each CD focuses on a different time period.

Optional Test Booklet
The History Revealed program includes open-ended questions that encourage discussion and thought, timeline and mapping exercises, and suggested reading lists of both nonfiction and historical fiction. If yours is a family that wants to test, you will also need the test booklet (sold separately) which includes a unit test and answer key for each of the nine units.

Three Volumes Available
  • History Revealed Volume 1: Ancient Civilizations and the Bible is the journey from creation to Christ, covering the major events, civilizations, and personalities in the first 4,000 years of world history.
  • History Revealed Volume 2: Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries covers the early church to the French revolution.
  • History Revealed Volume 3: World Empires, World Missions, World Wars teaches world history from 1800 to 1956 covering Napoleon to Jim Elliot in Ecuador.
  • Features

    Teachers Guide
  • Pages: 35w
  • Author: Diana Waring
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis (2008)
    Student Manual
  • Pages: 315
  • ISBN: 971600921704
  • Author: Diana Waring
  • Blinding: Softcover
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis (2008)
    Test Kit
  • Pages: 47
  • ISBN: 9781600921766
  • Author: Diana Waring
  • Blinding: Looseleaf
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis (2008)

    Watch the author give an overview of this curriculum and explain how to use it.

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