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Duraball 20 Inch
Duraball 20 Inch

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Timberdoodle's review
Looking for a super-squishy lightweight ball that is mega-fun to catch and throw? The whole family will love the new springy and soft Duraball.

Kick it, throw it and bounce it – with so many choices, Duraball makes the perfect family reunion ball. Turn on some tunes and play hot potato with the cousins; how fast can you pass the ball? Whoever is holding the ball when the music stops is out. Grab a couple of pool noodles and play a rousing game of hockey. Or have the uncles form two teams and grab the ends of a couple beach towels, placing a Duraball in the center of one, then toss the ball up in the air and challenge the other team to catch it with their towel. Split the aunts into teams, turn on your stopwatch app, and see which team can keep the Duraball in the air the longest.

Whatever you do you’ll find these jumbo-sized balls make group activities at every get-together fabulous fun! The manufacturer suggests keeping your Duraball away from sharp, pointy objects and enthusiastic pets to ensure a long life. And if you are purchasing the large 36-inch Duraball, and you have narrow doorways, you may want to wait to inflate it outdoors. Each Duraball comes with an inexpensive, fairly flimsy pump. It does the job, but if you have another source of air, your arms will thank you! The small Duraball is 20 inches and the large is 36 inches.

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