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Djeco Gild the Dragons
Djeco Gild the Dragon

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Timberdoodle's review
Gild the Dragons
Help these legendary fire-breathing dragons glisten and shine with the stunning craft set Gild the Dragons by Djeco. Just peel off the numbered sections to reveal pre-glued sections, then carefully apply the shining foil leaf sheets. Follow along with the instructions or get creative and pick your own colors for each image. The end result is four unique dragons with dazzling foil accents that will look fabulous in any knight’s or damsel’s bedroom. Gild the Dragons includes four thick sticky cards, nine foil sheets in varying colors, an application tool, and step-by-step instructions, all housed in a lovely sturdy gift box.

Note: The wordless, pictorial directions Djeco includes are helpful, but may not be adequate for those who have never tried a similar craft. To remedy this, we have listed detailed directions below, to expand on the illustrated directions in the Djeco kit.

1. Choose which dragon you would like to complete first. Let’s assume for our example that you choose “Dragon des neiges” from page 8.

2. Look to see which color you need to foil first. Page 9 indicates that the first color you’ll need for “Dragon des neiges” is silver.

3. Each color has been assigned a number, with silver being assigned the number 6. Locate every part of the picture that is labeled with a 6 and peel it off. You are essentially peeling off the paper sticker cover, leaving the sticker adhesive exposed below. Using the included green tool will help you easily peel back the paper.

4. Place the silver foil on the sticky areas of the canvas, with the shiny side of the foil facing up towards you.

5. Rub with your fingers or the included green tool, or even a dinner spoon if that is more comfortable.

6. Peel back a bit of the foil, and if you like the look of the picture, continue to lift the rest of the foil film. The ideal result is a somewhat distressed vintage look, but sometimes there can be gaps in how well the foil transferred. In that case, you can try burnishing (rubbing) the foil a bit more thoroughly and aggressively. If necessary, you can place an unused portion of the foil on the remaining sticky area and rub again.

7. Now repeat steps 2 – 6 for the next color. The next color for “Dragon de neiges” is red, as shown on page 10.

8. When you have finished adding all the foil colors, display your artwork and enjoy!

4 thick sticky cards
9 foil sheets in varying colors
An application tool
Step-by-step instructions
All housed in a lovely sturdy gift box

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Gild the Dragons October 30, 2015
Reviewer: Kelly O.  
Not as easy as the lack of instructions imply. We received this as part of our 8 year old's third grade curriculum kit. He loved the idea of making shiny dragons. (And he's been enjoying the Chronicles of Narnia so I'm giving it two stars based on his enthusiasm for it alone.) Like the previous reviewer stated, there are no instructions with this kit. And while it's pretty self-explanatory (to me anyway, maybe not my 8 year old) that you peel off the stickers one by one and smooth the foil onto it, it doesn't work so seamlessly in practice. We wasted a LOT of foil with trial and error on the first three and there's only four in the box. The only reason the fourth is still in there is because I'm not sure we have enough foil to complete it. And while my son's enthusiasm is in no way diminished by the final product I have to say that, had these not come out of a package clearly marked with cool dragon pictures, I would have NO CLUE what the finished product was supposed to be. Neat idea, terrible execution. TD Reply: Hello Kelly, Thank you so much for your review. After hearing from you and the previous reviewer, we have realized that the wordless pictorial directions included with the kit really are too confusing on their own, without verbal directions. To remedy this, we have added step-by-step instructions to our website, so that future customers will not have to struggle like you and your son have. We are so sorry that this kit has not worked well for you and your son; your review has helped make Gild the Dragon a better experience for other customers! We are crediting your Timberdoodle account, as well as the account of the previous reviewer, with Doodle Dollars for the value of Gild the Dragon, as our thank you for bringing this to our attention! The Timberdoodle Team

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Djeco Art Kit Guild the Dragon October 27, 2015
Reviewer: Kimberly  
The nicest thing about this art kit is the box that contains the card stock and flimsy foils. There was a small booklet included in French by the illustrator, Alexandre Honore with no instructions. I Googled the kit and followed instructions. We ended up emptying the contents and repurposing the box (which is beautiful) to store Legos, doll clothes, etc....The spiral booklet in the kit includes other works from the artist which frankly, are downright creepy. TD Reply: KCN, We are so sorry and surprised at your disappointment with this kit! In our experience with testing Gild the Dragons, it showed itself to be a bit fussier than some of the simpler Djeco kits, but our testers did not have any of the poor experiences that your family had.The spiral-bound booklet you mentioned, besides listing the artist's other work, should also have wordless, step-by-step pictorial directions for which of the colored foils to apply when and where. And since the foils are designed to transfer when rubbed, I think perhaps the purpose of them being lightweight could be so that they are pliable and not too stiff to work into the corners of the design, but they are still high quality.Nonetheless, we are sorry that this kit has not been the pure fun for your family that we wanted it to be for all of our customers, and hope your experience with our other products is much more enjoyable! The Timberdoodle Team

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