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(damaged) DVD Sequential Spelling 4
DVD Sequential Spelling 4

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Timberdoodle's review
Sequential Spelling DVD
The most priceless commodity a homeschool mom has is time, and the longer she teaches, the more frugal she becomes with how her time is spent. While we love Sequential Spellingís scope and sequence, and find it is one of the most labor-prudent programs available, it still requires parental time to implement. Multiply that time by however many levels you are teaching, and it is no wonder that for many families the use of Sequential Spelling, or any spelling program for that matter, fizzles out by mid-year. Now it doesnít have to.

Simple to Use
The DVD-ROM version of Sequential Spelling will allow your children to learn spelling on their own with minimal parental assistance. The presentation is simple and straight-forward. The DVD-ROM is loaded into your computer (not TV). As your child works through the lesson, he will first hear the word spoken clearly by itself, then in a sentence, and then spoken again. Using the spacebar on his keyboard, he pauses the video, attempts the spelling of the word, resumes the video to see the proper spelling, and checks and corrects his work.

Helps Keep Things Simple
The Sequential Spelling word-family aspect of the program is reinforced by color-coding the on-screen words. Word families are one color, suffixes another, prefixes another, and consonant clusters yet another. Even we Sequential Spelling enthusiasts rarely take these additional steps when working solely from the books!

Goes Great as a Bundle!
The Sequential Spelling DVD can be used as-is, but it is recommended that the DVD be bought in a bundle with the Sequential Spelling teacherís book and the student response book for Sequential Spelling. The teacherís book will enable you to review your childís work without having to access the computer. The teacherís book also includes some information that the DVD does not, including bolding of the most important words to be learned for competency and fluency. The student book is more optional but handy if you like to keep your childís work organized neatly.

Important Note: Sequential Spelling is not based on grade level. The sequences are based on building from easy words to advanced words, as from all to tall, stall, install, installment, installation. However, for some of you it will be helpful to walk through the simple placement test.

Additional Note: If you opt to use the DVD in conjunction with the Student Workbook for levels 1-5, please note that because of a few later changes to the workbooks there will be an occasional discrepancy between the word lists on the DVD versus the lists in the workbook. This will not affect the spelling exercises which are the core of the program, but can impact some of the peripheral activities such as crossword puzzles.
Instruction time is eighteen hours.

Compatible: PC, Mac, iPod, iPad
Format: QuickTime files on DVD

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Just ok August 28, 2015
Reviewer: Christie  
We received this as part of a bundle package, and I really thought since it was a computer based program, and my son loves anything computer related that this would be a hit. Things were good in the very beginning, but he quickly got bored and I don't feel like there was any real benefit to using the program. There were some other programs and books we were using with spelling that I found to be much more beneficial to his overall learning.

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Too slow November 5, 2014
Reviewer: Ann N.  
We ended up ordering the regular paper textbook and workbook for this spelling course because our 10 year old daughter was getting frustrated with how slow paced the DVD version is. Now that she has been using the paper version for about two weeks now, she is much less reluctant to do her daily spelling lesson. Now she just gets the word, read by us. If she is unsure, then we expand with a sentence or other prompt.

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Lovingit! September 23, 2014
Reviewer: Shannon M.  

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