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  First-Grade 2014 Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit
Complete Homeschool Curriculum - First Grade

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Do you need a customized First-Grade Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit?

Are you looking for a complete homeschool curriculum for your first grader? You'll find that Timberdoodle's Curriculum Kit accommodates the hands-on learner, reaches for academic excellence, and encourages a growing love for learning. We also stress critical thinking skills and, even at this early grade, working towards independent learning.

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2014 Scheduling Guide - First Grade
Phonics Pathways
Language Smarts B
Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 1
Handwriting A
Jump at Home 1
Mathematical Reasoning B
MiniLUK Set A
What's New, What's Missing...
Daily Geography 1
Tick Tock Readers 1
Pathway Readers 1
Cuisenaire Rods + Rod Track
Smart Cookies
Plus Plus 1200
Astronomy + Jr Notebook
The Story of the World 1 Reader
The Story of the World 1 Activity Book
108-piece Children's Globe
Birds of Paradise
Big Sketchy Doodle Book: Jungle
Thinking Putty
Spectrum Test Practice 1
The Story of the World Audio 1
Big Maze Book
Wrap-Ups Addition + Subtraction
MiniLUK Expansion Set
Famous Figures of Ancient Times
Draw Patterns + Gel Crayons
Our Basic Curriculum Kits cover math, language arts, thinking skills, and geography. You'll want to add science and history.

Timberdoodle's Scheduling Helps Guide

This guide helps you to know which books to use when and how to schedule your school year. A weekly schedule is included to give you enough structure to make sure your child doesn't miss anything, without the stress of an overly specific plan that leaves no room for the give and take of real life.

See samples in the pictures above.

Phonics Pathways is a complete, effective phonics program with a simple layout which leads to steady progress. Phonics Pathways is logically laid out with virtually no teacher preparation involved. In a mere ten to fifteen minutes a day, usually one or two pages, your child will be reading before you know it. By the end of the year, your child will have a comprehensive grasp of phonics, setting him up for literary success.

Phonics Pathways

Language Smarts

It doesn't look like schoolwork, but it is! Featuring rhymes and riddles, editing activities, mind-benders, sequencing, and folk tales, Language Smarts is a core standards-based language arts curriculum with a whole host of child-pleasing activities. Each Language Smarts page is brightly colored with plenty of white space to feel easily doable. Language arts has never looked so fun!

When he is ready, you will begin Daily Traits to introduce him to the basics of writing. The short daily assignments are designed to build skills without overwhelming him. Not ready for writing yet? Don't worry -- put it aside to use over the summer. Not only will he learn beginning writing skills, but he'll also have a summer activity to keep his mind sharp!

Daily 6-Trait Writing

A Reason for Handwriting

We wish we'd had A Reason for Handwriting while growing up. With each ten- to fifteen-minute daily lesson built around Bible verses, content is not only instructional, but also inspirational. Plus, at the end of each week, your children will be given the opportunity to apply excellence to their work as they copy their verse of the week onto their choice of "Scripture Border Sheets." Done with care, these completed sheets are worthy of sharing with friends and family.

We love Math Reasoning, but some children need just a bit more drill work to master math. JUMP Mathematics offers a systematic, precept upon precept math program with simple, uncluttered pages. JUMP Mathematics is mastery-oriented, clear, and to the point.

JUMP at Home - Grade 1

Mathematical Reasoning B Grade 1

Math doesn't need to be tedious, and Mathematical Reasoning proves that with its bright pages, interesting story problems, and critical-thinking-based approach. Concepts spiral gradually, so that children do not forget as they go, and are written to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Thinking skills will be vital to your child's academic success, yet not all first graders thrive on workbooks only. MiniLuk uses sturdy tiles and colorful workbooks, resulting in an engaging, hands-on, game-like way to teach the thinking skills previously only taught with pencil in hand. Your Basic First-Grade Curriculum includes the miniLUK Starter Pack, the Visual Perception Pack 1 and Pack 2, and the Critical Thinking Pack.

miniLUK Starter Pack

What's New? What's Missing? What's Different?

Children love to learn and love to create. What's New? What's Missing? What's Different? combines those two delights into one sure-to-please workbook for early learners.

Basic geography is essential, but done in large, infrequent doses it can become tedious or, worse yet, too quickly forgotten. Daily Geography uses a short daily lesson approach that avoids both pitfalls.

Daily Geography

(also includes everything in Basic Package)
Our Complete Curriculum Kits include everything listed above plus science, history, art, readers, and additional hands-on tools to add sparkle to learning time.

Tick Tock I Love Reading Set B

What are we looking for in beginning readers? They must be phonics-based, the storyline needs to be worth the effort, and of course outstanding illustrations that engage a child are a lovely bonus. Tick Tock I Love Reading Set B does that and more. We've compiled a set for your first grader that is just right

By the end of the year, your student will love diving into these readers. Designed to be used in Amish classrooms, these basal readers are solidly wholesome, with none of the fantasy that is commonplace in both Christian and secular readers. Because the Amish don't use electricity, you won't find stories dealing with the latest in films, computers, or TVs. Instead, the stories are centered on farm life, with horse auctions, harvests, and LARGE families. With simple typesetting and a few black-and-white sketches, these hardback books are not splashy, but are lovely in their simplicity.

Pathway Readers

Cuisenaire Rods and Rod Track

It is hard to beat Cuisenaire Rods as a manipulative. Used for demonstrating everything from simple addition and subtraction to fractions and area, the introductory set of plastic rods contains seventy-four rods, a tray with a lid, and an activity guide. We also include a handy rod track--a nifty little tool that looks like a 30 centimeter ruler with a 1 centimeter groove down its center. It is particularly helpful for early practice of addition and subtraction.

Don't leave their brains half-baked! With Smart Cookies your child will be learning to think logically as he devours 64 brain-building puzzles offered up in a yummy cookie format.

Smart Cookies

Plus Plus 1200

Hand your child a couple of pieces and he will intuitively begin to create. Plus Plus' identical, simple shapes with their slight rubbery texture glide smoothly together with very little pressure. And they stay together! Plus Plus pieces grip without slipping and come apart without effort. Plus Plus encourages children to think creatively about color, design, and structure and is a painless way to develop fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Beginners will create flat patterns with Plus Plus but older children will want to try their hand at the more difficult 3-D structures.

A colorful, conversational approach to science, Exploring Creation with Astronomy is also very easy to teach. This program uses a notebook-based approach, meaning that as you go through the course your child will be asked to write, draw, or dictate the results of his experiments into a notebook. Not only will this help him retain what he learns, but at the end of the year you will have a lovely record of his work! The hands-on experiments sprinkled throughout the book are sure to be a highlight for both of you. Your Complete Curriculum includes the Exploring Creation with Astronomy hardbound textbook and a Junior Notebooking Journal. One note: Don't feel you need to fill in every spot in the notebook; pick and choose what your time and your child's interest allows!

Exploring Creation with Astronomy
Exploring Creation with Astronomy Junior Journal

The Story of the World Readers
The Story of the World Activity

History is a story -- isn't it time you read it that way? The Story of the World is a captivating read-aloud series which will introduce your children to the marvelous history of the world presented chronologically from the beginning of time. The details of battles, kingdoms, cultures, and customs from every continent and major people group are woven together into a story that children will find mesmerizing. With short chapters, many less than seven pages, The Story of the World presents history in small, easily-digestible chunks. Of particular appeal to children will be the occasional story about a hypothetical child in the culture of that time and fictional stories that were popular during that time. In your Complete Curriculum we include both the reader and the student activity book for Volume 1, covering Ancient Times (5000 BC - 400 AD).

This puzzle uses special rugged, curved pieces that assemble into a globe! The 108-Piece Children's World Map Puzzleball is an ideal tool for introducing world geography. This puzzle is bright, colorful, and adorned with animals, so your young student will get a kick out of assembling and reassembling it.

108-Piece Children's World Map Puzzleball

Djeco Birds of Paradise

This fun variation on paint-by-numbers art includes four pre-printed images of exotic birds on glue-covered cards and twelve pots of ready-to-apply colored sand. The perfect balance of bright colors with earth tones ensures art worth displaying.Ingeniously designed to conserve sand, the sturdy Birds of Paradise box has a small hole in one corner, allowing you to shake in leftover sand and pour it back into the sand containers.

Draw your own wild adventure with My Big Sketchy Doodle Book: In the Jungle. Encourage your child's creative side as he colors, draws, solves mazes, and connects dots in this animal-filled book. Lots of variety, lots of fun - perfect for a beginning doodler.

My Big Sketchy Doodle Book

Thinking Putty

When one of our children was a preschooler, we received the best advice a parent of a kinesthetic child could receive: Let her wiggle. And wiggle she did. I don't think she sat for schoolwork for many years. Thinking Putty offers your child a way to move without becoming a distraction. An impressive, adult-sized handful of high-quality, moldable putty, the non-toxic, non-gooey Thinking Putty will bounce, stretch, tear, drip, snap, even shatter. Finally, your little wiggler will be able to sit and listen!

Spectrum Test Practice offers a comprehensive and sequential way to practice the content areas offered on numerous standardized tests, plus access to online state-specific test practice. The up-to-date content reflects national standards and includes practice tests in reading, language arts, and math.

Spectrum Test Practice Grade 1

Gourmet Scented Pencil

Smencils (Scented Pencils) are made from 100% recycled newspapers; you can even see the layers of recycled newspaper when you sharpen them! Individually packed in their own freshness tubes (made of corn-based biodegradable plastic), guaranteed to keep the delicious aromas fresh for two years. (One Smencil included with each Complete Curriculum.)

(also includes everything in Basic and Complete Packages)
Our Elite Curriculum Kits include all of the materials listed above along with even more bells and whistles such as Wrap-Ups, construction kits, more thinking skills, art, and even The Story of the World on CD!

The Story of the World CDs

Featuring the same content as The Story of the World book, this convenient audio book allows you to listen in the car, while fixing dinner, or at any other time when your ears are freer than your hands!

Usborne Big Maze Book, with its fifty unique mazes, will have your child winding his way through to find a safe route for salmon, a hiking trail for the mountaineers, a path for the sheepdog to gather his sheep and many more. Oversized, bright, and colorful, Big Maze Book allows your child the opportunity to practice basic pencil control in an enjoyable, exciting way. Necessary practice for the legible writing of letters and numbers, Big Maze Book also helps your child acquire the ability to reason, interpret, understand, and concentrate. These elemental skills are some of the bedrock essentials for later academics.

The Usborne Big Maze Book


To help solidify your child's grasp of basic addition and subtraction facts, we include Wrap-Ups Addition and Wrap-Ups Subtraction for hands-on drillwork. Your child simply wraps the string from the problem to the answer, then moves on to the next problem. Once he's completed the board, he can flip it over and check his answers. If the string lines up with the ridges on the back of the board, he's gotten them all correct.

MiniLUK Extra Workbooks

Your Elite Curriculum Kit comes with thirteen extra MiniLUK books, allowing your child to complete seven to eight new puzzles every week without running out early! Packs included are Concentration Pack, Math and Basic Geometry Pack, Theme-based Learning Pack, Advance Visual Perception Pack, Advance Geometry Pack, and Advance Higher Order Thinking Pack 1.

MiniLUK Extra Workbooks

Famous Figures of Ancient Times

While you read historical accounts aloud, your avid artist can color in the detailed figures of twenty people who shaped history, such as Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Hannibal (with his elephant), and others. A hole-punch and common fasteners allow their arms and legs to move and their swords and shields to flash. For the meticulous child who wants to color it exactly right, matching pre-colored action figures are also included.

Pattern recognition is an important developmental skill necessary for mathematical cognition and problem-solving. Now your child can become a pattern-making genius using Draw Patterns with Barroux. From simple patterns of filling a face with chicken pox or water patterns around an island, to drawing rays from a roomful of light bulbs or adding suction cups to the octopus's tentacles.

Drawing Patterns with Barroux

Award Winners

An Almost Perfect Fit? Build your own custom kit here or contact customer service to have them help you customize your order.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ blog post to find out more.

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3yrs.

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