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  Eighth-Grade 2015 Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit
Complete Homeschool Curriculum - Eighth Grade

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Grade Levels: 8th

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Do you need a customized Eighth-Grade Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit?

Are you looking for a complete homeschool curriculum for your eighth grader? You'll find that Timberdoodle's Curriculum Kit accommodates the hands-on learner, reaches for academic excellence, and encourages a growing love for learning. We also stress critical thinking skills and working towards independent learning, to take the pressure off of you.


2015 Eighth Grade Basic

Timberdoodle's Eighth-Grade Handbook
This guide helps you know which books to use when and how to schedule your school year. A weekly schedule is included to give you enough structure to make sure your child doesn't miss anything, without the stress of an overly specific plan that leaves no room for the give and take of real life.

8th Grade Handbook PDF Sample
Easy Grammar Ultimate 8 Teacher's
Most children dread grammar study because it is too complex. But Easy Grammar is just that--easy. Easy Grammar Ultimate is designed specifically to introduce and teach essential grammar concepts to older students, regardless of their previous grammar background. In just ten to fifteen minutes a day, your child will be functioning at his grade level and be competent to undertake any state or college prep tests. As a bonus, while your child practices his grammar skills, he will also be learning age-appropriate history, science, literature, geography, and so much more. Best of all? The lessons are very manageable, often taking as little as ten minutes to complete.

Writing with Skill 1 Student + Teacher
From firefighters writing reports to law-makers authoring legal documents, an ability to write clearly will serve your child for the rest of his life. This is why we take writing very seriously. We look for programs that are increasingly comprehensive as a student grows, but not overwhelming or intimidating to a student who has not yet mastered the art of writing. Writing with Skill is the perfect fit. It provides your child with detailed instructions on how to write basic narratives, outlines, metaphors, research writing, poems, and more. It is rigorous, without being too technical or tedious, and even uses selections from famous authors to teach the concepts! Writing with Skill is a comprehensive writing course conveniently segmented into thirty-six weeks of lessons. The included Writing with Skill Instructor Text provides step-by-step directions, answers, and even scripts to use for explaining any trouble areas to your child.
Word Roots Level 2
Children who have a solid grasp of word roots are bound to be children with better reading comprehension skills, primarily because they have acquired the ability to decode words. Word Roots will teach your children the meanings of Latin and Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes of words commonly used in English.
Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra
This year your child will continue with our favorite math program ever. Teaching Textbooks Math PreAlgebra is a full-year curriculum designed to be completed on the computer. The friendly lessons and automatic grading mean that this program will be a blessing to both you and your child! (Not sure if this is the correct level to start your child in? Have him take this free placement test and make sure.)
Building Thinking Skills 3 Figural
These thinking skills books are among our favorites because of their tremendous scope. They develop four basic analytical skills (similarities/differences, sequences, classification, and analogies) through both figural and verbal problems. In addition, there are problems dealing with deductive reasoning, map skills, Venn diagrams, mental manipulation of two-dimensional objects, and much more.

2015 Eighth Grade Complete

Pathway Reader 8
Designed to be used in Amish classrooms, these basal readers are solidly wholesome, with none of the fantasy that is commonplace in both Christian and secular readers. Because the Amish don't use electricity, you won't find stories dealing with the latest in films, computers, or TVs. Instead, the stories are centered on farm life, with horse auctions, harvests, and LARGE families. With simple typesetting and a few black-and-white sketches, these hardback books are not splashy, but are lovely in their simplicity.

One note: While we believe that reading is the single most important skill to foster in your eighth grader, you'll notice that we did not include many traditional readers. Don't let this puzzle you. Our experience is that the best way to help your child become an eager reader is to constantly supply him with reading materials that interest him. Future doctors may want to read up on anatomy, young explorers are drawn to the escapades of adventurers young and old, and the baby-lover in your family will be captivated by adoption stories. Assign reading if you must, but encourage it at all costs; a child who enjoys reading will find it easier to excel in every area.
Gravity Maze
You have never seen a logic-powered maze like Gravity Maze. Sure to put your child's visual perception and reasoning skills to the test, the colorful translucent towers must be arranged correctly to successfully carry the marble along its path to the right target. With 60 challenges, widely ranging in difficulty, Gravity Maze will give your child plenty of opportunities for spatial and planning skills.
Outdoor Adventure Doodles
Fill the bus with people, sketch a shelter for the soggy hikers, design a surfboard, or doodle an awesome playground; Outdoor Adventure Doodles: Amazing Scenes to Complete and Create suggests that and more. In this energetic 160-page full-color doodle book the focus is on all things outdoorsy. Perfect for the nature-loving risk-taker in your household, Outdoor Adventure Doodles will nudge him to illustrate the wonders of nature with helpful prompts. This outstanding doodle book strikes an exceptional balance between structure and imagination and can be enjoyed by all ages.
Exploring Physical Science
Exploring Creation with Physical Science is designed to be the last science course the student takes before high-school biology, covering the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, weather, the structure of the earth, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton's Laws, gravity, and astrophysics. With many hands-on experiments using household chemicals and supplies this is an excellent course to get ready for a college-prep high school science curriculum. Perfect for answering questions from the textbook, writing lab notes, summarizing what is learned, creating diagrams, and more, the Physical Science Student Notebook helps your student develop the independent study skills he'll need in high school, and will reinforce and deepen his understanding of the text as he explores the workings of God's creation.
The Mystery of History 2
Written by homeschool mom Linda Hobar, this is one spectacular masterpiece. Not just a textbook, it is brimming with multi-age activities, book and video lists, memory helps, and timeline suggestions. Written in a conversational style, what appeals to us most about this program is its worldwide approach to history. The Mystery of History Volume II provides a historically-accurate, Bible-centered approach to learning about the Early Church and the Middle Ages from Pentecost to the printing press! The completely chronological lessons span the continents to shed new light on who walked the earth when God revealed Himself to mankind during this pivotal period of history. The user-friendly format presents three lessons per week, with hands-on activities, quizzes, tests, weekly timeline, mapping assignments, and a supplemental reading and resource list. Volume I is not required, but we do recommend that you complete it first. Call us if you'd like to switch volumes in this bundle.
Thinking Putty
When one of our children was a preschooler, we received the best advice a parent of a kinesthetic child could receive: Let her wiggle. And wiggle she did. I don't think she sat for schoolwork for many years. Thinking Putty offers your child a way to move without becoming a distraction. An impressive, adult-sized handful of high-quality, moldable putty, the non-toxic, non-gooey Thinking Putty will bounce, stretch, tear, drip, snap, even shatter. Finally, your little wiggler will be able to sit and listen!
Spectrum Test Practice 8
Spectrum Test Practice offers a comprehensive and sequential way to practice the content areas offered on numerous standardized tests, plus access to online state-specific test practice. The up-to-date content reflects national standards and includes practice tests in reading, language arts, and math.
Smencils (Scented Pencils) are made from 100% recycled newspapers; you can even see the layers of recycled newspaper when you sharpen them! Individually packed in their own freshness tubes (made of corn-based biodegradable plastic), guaranteed to keep the delicious aromas fresh for two years. (One Smencil included with each Complete Curriculum.)

2015 Eighth Grade Elite

Nanoblock Standard Color Set
Now your older child can construct super-small, palm-sized versions of whatever he wants with the award-winning Nanoblock. Nanoblock Color Set is the perfect construction medium for any aspiring designer, architect, or collector and is recommended for ages 14 and older. Seven different part colors are included with over 800 pieces and instructions for seven different creations. Additional suggestions are included in the Timberdoodle Eighth Grade Handbook.
Kid Coder Beginning & Advanced Web Design
With KidCoder Web Design Complete, your child will learn to create his own website layout using HTML, text styling, hyperlinks, navigation bars, simple CSS effects, graphics and image editing, and more. Then in the second semester of KidCoder Web Design Complete he will make his web pages come alive using Komodo Edit, dynamic navigation menus, embedded audio and video, CSS3 styles, JavaScript, JQuery animations and more! As in all KidCoder courses, students need no prior programming or HTML experience.
Physical Science Multimedia CD
The Multi-media Companion CD-Rom is designed to be used with the Exploring Creation with Physical Science textbook. It contains pronunciations for the technical words in the course, animations used to explain some of the more difficult concepts, and videos of experiments that the student would not be able to do on his own.
Elements of Science
Science this year is focused on reviewing all essential and general scientific concepts before proceeding to high school science. The more than 100 kid-friendly experiments in National Geographic Elements of Science explore the full spectrum of biology, chemistry, and physics and will show your children hands-on how these three core disciplines relate. The engaging, full-color, 112-page book, with its helpful, clear illustrations and well-written text, is organized into fifteen chapters that include investigations into Bernoulli's Principle, centrifugal force, rockets, electric motors, simple circuits, chemical reactions, camera obscura, prisms, the human body, and much more!
Draw and Write Through History 3
Featuring the same content as The Mystery of History book, this convenient audio book allows your child to listen in the car, while knitting, or any other time when his ears are freer than his hands!

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