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Bloco Wildcats Construction Set
Bloco Wildcats Construction Set

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Ages: 5-9
Grade Levels: K-4th

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Timberdoodle's review
Bloco Wildcats Construction Set: With 269 foam pieces, fifty-six plastic connectors, and ten plastic caps, your child can construct a lion, tiger, and any other wildcat he can think of.

About Bloco construction sets:
It's not just me, research concludes that children learn a lot by designing and building things. Many skills are rooted in the act of construction: creation, examination, and problem solving are but a few. Construction will encourage your child to separate complicated tasks into manageable bites. The nature of building complex models encourages children to think about multiple steps of assembly at the same time, particularly when working with gears or fussy pieces.

Construction Should be a Required Curriculum
Based on my own engineering background/bias, I believe that construction is one of the most valuable educational processes available, and that both learning to build and learning by what has been built should be a part of every family's curriculum.

Creation-Based Construction
It may seem as though some children have zero interest in building and creating. Possibly it is because most construction kits emphasize vehicles, machines, and other man-made innovations. If your child’s inclinations are more creation-based, if he would rather build a realistic animal or a life-like fish, consider Bloco with its uniquely-shaped, high-density foam and specialized plastic connectors that both link and rotate pieces.

Flat Models and Extraordinary 3-D Animals
This one-of-a-kind construction kit allows your child to build simple, flat models and extraordinary, 3-D animals. Each set comes with detailed illustrated designs, and sets can be combined to allow the creation of even more interesting creatures.

Many Sets Make an Assortment of Creatures
Colorful and appealing when completed, these are not simple slap-together kits. Our experience is that younger children, unless highly motivated, are initially going to find some of the more complex models "impossible." Instead of becoming irritated, rejoice; it means that by the time your child completes the projects he will have learned something and you will have gotten your money’s worth.

Combine Sets to Create Even More
Many Bloco sets make an assortment of creatures, from sharks to chameleons to zebras, each one worthy of display. All sets are fully compatible.

335 pieces
Builds extraordinary 3D animals
Pieces link together and rotate at any angle
Build the illustrated designs or create your own creatures
Can be combined with other Bloco construction sets to build even more interesting creatures
Made in Canada, foam is manufactured in Taiwan

Canadian Toy Testing Council Award Winner
Winner of Dr. Toy Smart Play, Smart Toy Product of Excellence Award
iParenting Media Award Winner
Winner of Top Toy Award by Creative Child Magazine 2005, 2008, 2010
Winner of The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2005
Parents' Choice Foundation Approved
Winner of Bright Ideas! from the 2005 Canadian Toy & Hobby Fair

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3yrs.

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Great For Builders November 27, 2012
Reviewer: MamaSon  
I was hoping I could leave my 6 yr old with this. I needed to help him initially. Clean up was a bear. I have little ones so I am reluctant to bust this out any time. You need a special area/room if you have little ones that can choke on the pieces. I gave mine away as it seemed impractical for me to have this around. You need a larger container than the box to store your creations and/or anything you take apart. Not for me.

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Bloco Wildcats Review by Afterthoughts January 11, 2012
Reviewer: Brandy from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
I wasn't sure what to expect from this set, so I'll tell you about so you will know. First of all, the big pieces are all foam--but not a flimsy foam. It's nice because it is lightweight and a bit flexible, making it easier to build with. The connectors and caps are all plastic. And that's it. It's very simple.

When it came, all the foam was in large pre-cut pieces, and we had to pop all of the pieces out. You can throw away the frames after that, but it really isn't much--almost every centimeter of space has been used. It's easy to assume you don't need all the little circles, but you do. {In other words, I'm warning you: don't throw stuff away unless you're sure you don't need it!}

Directions are included, and after building just two of them, we {okay, mostly me} were able to get a sense for the logic behind it and make something on our own.

Does She Like It?
Yep! She really does! The appeal for me in agreeing to this review is that Daughter A. does not build. At least, not very often. She occasionally pretends to play Legos with her brother, but mainly she is chattering away at him while he builds. In this instance, she wanted to see these cats enough that she was willing to build them. This is progress in an area of weakness, in my opinion.

Her only complaint is that they are a little fragile once you build them. Not terribly so, but I figured out that she still didn't view this as a construction set. She wanted to build them once, and then play with them. She wanted to wrap them in blankets and coo at them. She wanted to push them in her stroller {which worked significantly better than the blankets!} In all, she wanted a build-a-doll set, not a construction set.

Well...let's just say that getting outside our comfort zone is good for us. Having a three-year-old in the house that sneaks up and disassembles them when no one is watching helps, too. She is building more frequently than ever. I hope that eventually she will see them more as a puzzle, to be put together and taken apart repeatedly, because I really think learning to follow directions, and then later to build creatively out of her understanding of how it works, will be good for her. This is my big chance because she'd never go for blocks or "engineering" sets.

A Tiny Word of Warning:  This set {and others like it} includes small parts that are not appropriate for toddlers and babies. Also, if you have a child who likes to put foam in his mouth and chew it {hypothetically speaking, of course} he will ruin it.

Read the rest of this review at http://thoughtsaftergod.blogspot.com/2011/11/review-bloco-wildcats-construction-set.html

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Bloco Sets are fun! March 22, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Oberlin, OH United States  
These are really neat!  They are not for the very young (my 7 year old still needs some help, but she's catching on.)  They are a true investment and I can see my children giving them a lot of use in the years to come.  Thanks for another great product!

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