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Have You Heard the Bananagrams Song Yet? It Will Show You How to Play Bananagrams!

Educational Games Can Be Challenging to Take When Traveling
Teaching parents may look forward to summer vacation as much as their children do. But, unlike their children, parents are aware that too much time off from academics carries a price. A proven way around this is to incorporate as many educational games into your children's summer routine as possible. This is an easy task when you are home, but a bit of a challenge for families on the go.

Bananagrams Is Easy to Pack and Play on the Go
So if you are looking for a word game that is educational; requires no pencil, paper, or bulky board; and can be played in as little as five minutes, then you are looking for Bananagrams! The object of the game is to create as many words as possible from your tiles, each word interconnected by a shared letter. Bananagrams' simple, parallel play lets every member of the family play at his own level. And because the goal of Bananagrams is to use every tile, the challenge of rearranging already-laid letters into new words builds both vocabulary and spelling skills.

Similiar to Scrabble, But Each Player Makes His or Her Own Grid
Beginning with all 144 letters face down, each player takes twenty-one tiles, leaving the remainder in a pile in the middle. At the word 'split' everyone turns over his tiles and starts making his own grid of intersecting words. As soon as anyone has used all his letters, every player must take another tile, whether he is ready for it or not. If someone has a letter he just can't fit into his grid, he can put it back into the pile--but he has to take three extra letters as a penalty. When there are fewer tiles left than there are players, the anxiety increases as everyone races to be the first to complete his grid.

High-Adrenalin Competition Is Just One Variation
As you can imagine, Bananagrams' high-adrenalin strategy makes the original game very exciting. But there are less stressful alternatives, too. In Banana Smoothie all the facedown letters are divided equally among the players. And in Banana Café, a variation that is best for restaurant play, tiles are drawn out of the banana pouch instead of being spread on the table.

Complete instructions are included
One cloth banana bag
144 ivory-like letter tiles

Manufacturer's Information
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Time To Play:
5-10 Minutes

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3yrs.

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