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Timberdoodle's review
Do you need a customized Baby Timberdoodle Curriculum?

It is startling that while no other age group undergoes so much change in so many ways, infants and toddlers are often left to fend for themselves both in physical and academic development. We've set out to change that with an endlessly reusable kit that we hope you'll use for child after child, then retire to your church nursery or hang onto for the grandkids!

Timberdoodle's Baby & Toddler Curriculum Kit is jam-packed with everything you need to homeschool this precious age. If you're not familiar with our curriculum kits for the younger set, it may be helpful to point out that we're certainly not out to pound an education into tiny heads or to inflate your status as a parent because your child is so well-educated. Our perspective is that since all little ones are wired for learning, why not play games, sing songs, and do things that will build both their brain and your relationship with them simultaneously?

This program is designed for the baby to two-year-old who is ready for an intentional approach to learning. It is perfect for new moms who want to enjoy their baby, but would love some direction on what to do with baby once he is fed and changed. It is equally fantastic for experienced moms who would like an easy way to ensure that baby receives focused time, just like the rest of the little learners. Again, the point is to love on the baby/toddler and cultivate an enthusiasm for learning. This is truly an amazing age!

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