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Timberdoodle has been serving the homeschool community since 1985!

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Would you like to receive a free catalog? We are working on our brand new 2013 Homeschool Resource Catalog now. Packed full of new products, in-depth descriptions, and updated curriculum, we hope to have it ready to mail by March. Sign up below to be among the first to receive our 2013 Homeschool Resource Catalog as soon as it arrives from the printer.

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What Is RSS?

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RSS is a way for Timberdoodle to continuously "feed" you our latest announcements, with links to each news item. Your time is precious and you don't want to spend it unnecessarily combing our website for specials, closeouts, or one-of-a-kind deals. To instantly learn what's new you'll just check the Timberdoodle RSS feed.

How does this differ from email?

Timberdoodle does and will continue to maintain a monthly email that will alert you to that month's specials. But many opportunities arise during the month that don't justify a mass email, but will have appeal to those in the market. Maybe a case of books arrive with dented corners, or vendor accidently ships a wrong item. These are occasions when those few in the know will enjoy deep discounts.

What do I need to do to read an RSS Feed?

To read an RSS feeds, you need a software tool called a feed reader. Your feed reader maintains a list of your favorite RSS feeds, checks them regularly for updates, and displays their contents. Feed readers are available for every kind of computer platform and operating system. They offer a wide range of features and interfaces. Our family is currently using the Bloglines. This is a pretty good (and free) Web-based feed reader service that's fairly easy to use. If technology makes you break out in a sweat, ask a teenager you trust to get you started.

How do I add Timberdoodle's rss feed?

There are a couple of options to add the Timberdoodle feed. Some Feed Reader's can automatically detect a feed on a page. This page is setup for automatic detect. Another option is to manually add the feed by using the following url ""

Will Timberdoodle sell my product?
  Are you the inventor or author of something you think would be perfect for Timberdoodle? Email us at with information about your product, such as a description, your website or sample pages, and your reseller terms. It is always better to send too much information than not enough! If it looks like your invention could be a good match for us, we’ll follow up and ask you for a sample copy so that we can review it more thoroughly to see whether it would be a good fit for our crazy-smart customers.

Please understand that we get a really high number of requests and cannot always respond to them all. We do consider each and every product, but if we don't contact you, it's because for one reason or another it wasn’t a good fit at this time. We are a small company, so we try to be really straightforward and not waste anyone's time.

Thanks for reaching out and for inviting us to be your reseller!
How do I contact you?

Do you have a question?

Timberdoodle Co is here to assist with all of your home school needs. If you have a question or comment, please contact us. You can use the easy form below. We answer most emails within one business day. If you prefer talking to a live person, our friendly phone representatives are available 8-5 Monday - Friday PST.

Mailing address:
Timberdoodle Co
1510 E Spencer Lake Rd
Shelton, WA 98584

800-478-0672 or 360-426-0672
8-5 Monday-Friday PST