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(damaged) Balancing the Sword Volumes 1 and 2
Balancing the Sword Volumes 1 and 2
...we were pleasantly surprised to discover that this is a jewel of a product appropriate for a wide range of ages. Balancing the Sword (BTS) includes two immense hardback books with over 7,000 questions...

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Timberdoodle's review
Balancing the Sword Volumes 1 and 2

We are temporarily out of stock on the Balancing the Sword with the exception of sets that have sustained some damage in shipping. The books are completely usable but are not in perfect condition. The extent of damage varies but typical damage would be a bent or crunched corner with damage mainly to the cover and not significantly affecting the inside pages. Enjoy this great deal!

I didn't think I would like this program. Read and regurgitate is not our typical method of operation, because in most cases all that is required is shallow short-term memory at best. Dan was equally sure he would not like this program, fearing that knowing the facts of Scripture without the understanding of Scripture would result in a houseful of Pharisees. Thankfully the author was persistent, because we were pleasantly surprised to discover that this is a jewel of a product appropriate for a wide range of ages. First, let me tell you what it is; then, how I think it could be a blessing for any home.

Balancing the Sword (BTS) includes two immense hardback books with over 7,000 questions and almost 13,000 parts (with answer keys) targeting every 2.7 verses on average. Even more mind-boggling are the nearly 54,000 cross references, averaging 7.6 references per question. BTS is designed to give you a comprehensive working knowledge of what the Bible actually says.

BTS was developed around the KJV version of the Bible, but other Bible translations can be used. Where version "conflict" arises over details, alternate answers are given. Differing from the typical "touchy-feely"-type studies, BTS asks you only what the passage actually says, leaving the interpretation and application up to the Holy Spirit, you, and your spiritual leader. Answer keys provide the answer to each question.

Interestingly, each volume covers all 1,189 chapters of the Bible, but both are completely different in questions and quotes. The two volumes combine to directly or indirectly deal with almost every key element in every chapter. Because you study from only one volume at a time, this study program allows a structured reading of the Bible twice and ultimately a comprehensive working knowledge of every book of the Bible.

One of the most appealing features is the multitude of images that is present throughout the volumes. With over 1,000 illustrations of Biblical events, literal depictions, charts, and maps, these are very, very helpful.

From the time they could read, most of our children dabbled in Bible reading. But it wasn't until they were about ten that they buckled down to read through the Bible in a year. However, I'm a realist and I know that there were many passages that went over their heads, and many more that, quite honestly, caused their eyes to glaze over. Sure, they may have eyeballed the text, but did they really read it? If I had it to do over, as soon as I thought it appropriate, I would have assigned my children to read through the Bible with a BTS book by their side. And they would have loved the challenge of finding the right answers. In the process, they would have cemented the facts of the Biblical events, and because we talk Bible incessantly, the discussions would have had more foundation and less speculation.

An even more exciting approach to using BTS is with younger children. I can't imagine a more valuable project than for a parent and child to slowly work their way through the Bible using BTS as a keepsake and a memorial. Even children too young to read can listen, answer questions, and watch as Mommy or Daddy records their answers for posterity. Many families routinely read the Bible aloud to their children, but were the children listening? Knowing that they will be asked to answer questions would encourage them to focus and pay more attention.

Of course, this is a wonderful program for older children and adults, but what a blessing it would be for your children to absorb these truths while they are still young. Each book is a Smythe-sown hardback with 589 pages.

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