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These books are especially useful for children who find reading to be a drag or history a bore. They take engrossing graphics and short, reader-friendly sentences and use this graphic-novel format to engage your child's interest in subjects that they might otherwise not find interesting. Give them a try, you might find they are the perfect way to tackle those subjects you've been struggling with.
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24 Hour History set of 5 The Gettysburg Address 24-Hour History The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
24-Hour History set of 5
Our Price: $42.50
The Gettysburg Address
Our Price: $14.95
A Family Secret The Search True Stories of World War II
A Family Secret
Our Price: $9.99
The Search
Our Price: $14.95
True Stories of World War I True Stories of the Revolutionary War True Stories of the Civil War
True Stories of War The Search and The Family Secret Graphic Novels The United States Constitution Graphic Novel
True Stories of War Graphic Novels Set of 4
List Price: $32.40
Our Price: $29.95
You save $2.45!
The Search and A Family Secret Graphic Novels
List Price: $26.98
Our Price: $24.95
You save $2.03!
Disasters in History - Set of 8 The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire - Disasters in History Shackleton and the Lost Antarctic Expedition
Disasters in History - Set of 8
List Price: $63.60
Our Price: $54.95
You save $8.65!
The Hindenburg Disaster The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 The Donner Party
The Hindenburg Disaster
Our Price: $7.50
The Donner Party
Our Price: $7.50
The Challenger Explosion The Attack on Pearl Harbor The Apollo 13 Mission
The Apollo 13 Mission
Our Price: $7.50