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Roadworthy DVD
Roadworthy DVD
Our Price: $27.95
Roadworthy DVD
One out of every two teen drivers will have a motor-vehicle accident within the first six months of earning their license. Though our five children safely navigated the teen years, on the way to 2015 homeschool conferences, we totaled both our vehicle and the trailer. While we walked away from it physically unscathed, many teens do not; and I can tell you firsthand that the emotional trauma can linger for quite some time.

As teaching parents, you have a choice whether to take on the formidable task of being the primary driving instructor or handing that over to a paid professional. Regardless of the route you take, be sure to augment the lessons with Roadworthy, an instructional DVD to help your teen driver beat the scary odds. With invaluable tips by experienced accident investigator Mike Pehl, Roadworthy covers everything from the basics of safety checklists to how to deal with hazardous maneuvers of other drivers.

Especially refreshing to me in this era of wishy-washy parenting is Mike’s ardent belief that parents can and should take more ownership of their teens' driving behavior, because the single most important factor in turning teenagers into safe drivers is their parents. For this reason, Roadworthy is parent-directed, and especially beneficial for parents and teens to watch together.

Using real in-car demonstrations and graphics to support and reinforce each of the lessons, Roadworthy will give your teen clear-cut strategies that can be used to make him a more responsible and defensive driver. Guaranteed to be an asset in every family, Roadworthy promises that if any new or even seasoned driver does not learn something helpful, they will graciously refund their money. NOTE: Roadworthy is for supplemental driver's training/education purposes only and does not satisfy any state's licensing requirements.

Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2017 Tenth-Grade Curriculum Kit!