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Yamodo Gizmos & Gadgets
Yamodo Gizmos and Gadgets

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Timberdoodle's review
A creative game
You are familiar with games of chance and games of strategy, but have you ever heard of a game that is neither, one that inspires creative writing? Introducing Yamodo Gizmos & Gadgets, designed on the premise that it matters not who wins, but who creates.

Learn to draw a "razzlipop"
Yamodo Gizmos & Gadgets is a spiral-bound drawing pad with a wacky made-up word on each page, like "razzlipop." Below it is a partially drawn picture, a squiggle in most cases. Now, using his imagination, your child decides what the word means and what it would look like, then adds a bit to the existing drawing to illustrate his idea. Finally, he writes out the beginning of his definition and then passes the Yamodo Gizmos & Gadgets drawing pad to the next player, who adds to both the drawing and the definition.

Tons of laugh-out-loud fun!
Once the drawing pad starts to circulate, you never know what will be on the page when it returns. The word keeps circulating until a player can no longer think of something to add. Children love to see how increasingly outrageous each page can become as players pass the drawing pad around for others to build on.

Always fun!
Yamodo Gizmos & Gadgets is an engaging game that will have your children thinking, drawing, and writing, and because there is never a wrong answer, there are always lots of laughs. Easy to pick up and play anywhere, Yamodo Gizmos & Gadgets comes with 120 sheets of creative fun and is a wonderful take-along game for trips.
Includes drawing pad and Yamodo pen!
  • 120 different words!

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