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About The Write Your Own Series:
Some children dream of becoming writers. Those are the ones that make homeschooling a cakewalk. But not all children like to write. And even if your child is heading in a direction that seems to be more vocational and less academic, he still needs to master at least rudimentary writing skills.

Give Them Something They Want To Write About
A fairly painless way to accomplish this is to give him something he wants to write about. What are his reading patterns? Does he read mysteries or is he a fan of historical fiction? Maybe the best story is his own story and he would rather write his own autobiography. No matter the genre, the Write Your Own series is devoted to helping beginning writers succeed.

Step-By-Step Instructions and Excercises
With helpful, step-by-step instructions, clear and precise chapters describe how to get started, set scenes, use characters, incorporate viewpoints, create a timeline, and much more. Each of the Write Your Own chapters gives your young writer an explanation of the concept and then an exercise to practice it. A timeline stretches across the bottom of every Write Your Own page to chart his progress. There are always colorful pictures, interesting sidebars, case studies, and quick tips.

Each volume contains:
A table of contents, glossary, index, pictures, ideas for further reading in the genre, and links to websites. Children who love to write will greet the Write Your Own titles with great enthusiasm while reluctant writers will find them interesting and easy to use. For ages ten and older.

Please note: Published by a secular company, if your family's modesty standards are similar to ours there are a few pictures you may want to hit with a dab of whiteout.