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With Lee in Virginia mp3
With Lee in Virginia mp3

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Do you have a child who hates reading, especially reading about history? If so, your solution may be to read the books out loud to your children - a wonderful answer, though a bit taxing on you as the parent. What teaching parent is looking for more work?

Here is an even better solution that will free you from reading aloud while still giving your children access to Henty's excellent literature. Each lively, professionally-recorded, and unabridged edition includes a single MP3-format CD for up to 13 HOURS of listening time PER BOOK. These books are professionally read by Jim Hodges. Now you can have your children listen and learn while you tackle your never-ending “to-do” list.

More about Henty's historical novels…

If you also are looking for history books for your older children, books that will be historically accurate and will stretch their minds, but will not compromise your family's standard of decency, you will be very pleased to learn about the works of G.A. Henty (1832-1902).

Known as "The Boy's Own Historian," his historical epics are profoundly factual stories that highlight some of the greatest people and moments in history. Written to satisfy young men's insatiable hunger for adventure, Henty's stories can be equally riveting for your daughters.

Each story revolves around a fictional boy hero who is diligent, courageous, and intelligent. Where needed, these boys fought wars, sailed seas, prospected for gold, and aided in the overthrow of evil empires. Through Henty's heroes, your child will meet historically strategic leaders and acquire an awareness of the cultures of various European and pagan civilizations.

Note: in accordance with the period in which they were written, there are a couple of books where an occasional derogatory term is used.
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AD 1860's ű American Civil War ű Slavery and state's rights

Few wars have been fought by each side with greater intensity of conviction in the rightness of its cause or with more abundant personal heroism than the War Between the States. The story begins with a great responsibility falling on Vincent Wingfield, the teenage son of a widowed Virginia plantation owner. Vincent must decide what course of action he should take when a problem arises on the plantation. Unlike many stories of this American war, Mr. Henty brings to it a European viewpoint that differs drastically from the current views on the nature and reasons for this struggle. Henty's "With Lee in Virginia" will introduce the reader to many of the famous battles of the 1860's along with learning much about the character of Robert E. Lee and his lieutenants.

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11 Hours 20 Minutes

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Author: G A Henty
Read by: Jim Hodges
Format: mp3 CD
Publisher: Jim Hodges Productions
Made In: USA

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A British perspective of the Civil War May 31, 2012
Reviewer: blessed4xover  
We have loved reading Henty aloud throughout our school years. Henty is a master at taking information about battlefields, artillery, cavalry, etc, and making it real--putting a face on the facts. My children and I could actually visualize what was happening on the battlefield in a way that we have not been able to do reading other biographies or historical fiction. We also found this particular title to be unique in that it tells the story of the Civil War from the perspective of an Englishman. Henty has a unique slant that made my children consider some things that were never brought up in histories written by American authors, which prompted some really good discussion about rights and wrongs, and whether we agreed or disagreed with Henty's perspective. Very thought provoking. And of course, Henty's hero in every book has to say, "That will do capitally!" at least once, which is funny when the hero is in Virginia, or ancient Egypt, or Carthage, or some other non-English setting. My kids love to listen for those "Britishisms" when they listen to or read Henty!

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