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Training Hearts, Teaching Minds

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We've had a daily devotion time with our children ever since they were old enough to sit up and point to pictures on a page. While there are a fair number of options for the six- to twelve-year-old crowd, most are worldly, weird, shallow, or boring. Training Hearts, Teaching Minds is none of those.

Using the well-known Westminster Shorter Catechism, compiled over 350 years ago, Training Hearts, Teaching Minds provides a means of studying sound Christian doctrine and in fact can be one of the best methods of teaching why we believe what we believe to young children. Each week a new question is presented and for six days the devotional uses brief readings and pertinent Scripture to explore how God's Word answers that question. I loved that Pearl was looking up and reading the verses, and I think that to get the full benefit of this program, it is best started when your child is a competent reader.

Because only the Bible itself is without error, you or I may not agree with every aspect of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Although few will quibble over the doctrine of the Lord's Prayer or the Ten Commandments, some, depending on their theological bent, may object to the handful of questions pertaining to the sacraments. Keep in mind that this is primarily a tool to discuss a widely accepted historical document, and if you find yourself uncomfortable with the leaning of these few questions, use this as a prime opportunity to explain to your children how these great men of long ago came to the conclusions they did.

With over 100 questions, you'll find this book will serve your family for nearly two years. If you desire to daily teach historical Christian faith to your children and have been looking for a book with a theologically sound foundation, Training Hearts, Teaching Minds is for you. If your children don't know how to explain with Scripture what they believe, or worse yet, if they don't even know what they should believe, we strongly urge you to add this book to your daily routine. Each actual lesson is only about ten minutes long, but the benefits will last a lifetime.

Author: Starr Meade
Pages: 349
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 2000
ISBN: 978-0875523927
Publisher: P & R Publishing
Made In: USA
Consumable: No