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Top Trumps The United States
Top Trumps The United States

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Timberdoodle's review
Edutainment in a Box!
What is the easiest method to teach your children state facts and stats? Top Trumps: The United States. Packed with fun, Top Trumps is "War" on steroids. Instead of merely tracking the number value of a playing card, your children will be considering a variety of facts, finding on their card a detail that will trump the other players. These may be facts such as when a state was admitted to the Union or what state has the largest population? The best (usually the largest) value wins the round, then that winner looks at his topmost card and chooses the category for the next round.

Popular in the UK for over 30 years!
Top Trumps has been a popular children's game in the United Kingdom for over thirty years. Now the number one card game in the world, selling over ten million decks every year, it is not just fun, it's educational! These fact-filled cards boost your child's memory by challenging him to remember pertinent details. Plus, as children compare the data, necessary math skills are employed and strengthened. Learning through play is every homeschool parent's goal, and Top Trumps: the United States will provide hours of inexpensive edutainment.

Do you know which state was bought from Russia for two cents an acre? Or how about which state is named after an English king? Test your knowledge with Top Trumps: The United States!

Ages: 6+
Players: 2-6
Publisher: Top Trumps
Made in: Belgium

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Everyone can play! January 14, 2013
Reviewer: Tbrann  
Fun for all! Took some convincing to get my older children to play it with myself and younger kids but once they did there was no stopping them! My family wants all of them now! These cards are educational and fun for all ages! Would definitely recommend! Sometimes I don't even think my kids reAlize they are learning while having fun!

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Review by Crayon Freckles January 11, 2012
Reviewer: Andie Jaye from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
The point of the game is pretty easy!  It's quite similar to the War game many of us played when we was younger.  Each card has 5 statistics about the state: population, amount square miles, number of counties,  distance from D.C., admission to the union.  

The recommended age is 6+, but the rules are so easy that I can play a modified version with Bear (who's 3) or a full version game with my 15 year old Pip.

What's great about the Top Trump cards is that they also include facts about the particular state and beautiful photographs.  There are also illustrations of the state flag, bird, flower, and map to indicate location.

I like the ability of the cards to serve a dual purpose.  Bear likes to sit and go through them and just look at the pictures.  Sitting with him, I can tell him the name of the state and what the picture is of.  There are a few states that he already knows based on the pictures on the card.

There are so many opportunities that the Top Trumps: The United States cards have to offer in the educational exploration of the United States.  I'm excited to see just where they take us!

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Top Trumps: The United States December 29, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
The game is similar to War (the card game) but you win cards by having the highest statistic for a category on the card. The first player decides on which stat to call (population, size, number of counties, distance from DC, admission to union).  The person whose card has the highest stat wins the round and then decides which stat to call in the next round.

This is a game I can wholeheartedly recommend, especially if you have a stats loving person in your family.  Even if you don't, you'll will find this game addicting.  Playing it with my husband, we discovered that you really need to think about quite a few factors as you decide which stat to use on your card.  Was Texas or Alaska already played? Yes. Okay, then maybe going with the stat for size would be good.  Or is your card one of the first thirteen colonies?  Then definitely call for the year of admission to the union.  It was also interesting to see how large states sometimes have fewer counties than larger states.  I know that seems like a fact we all take for granted as adults, but I think by playing this game, a child might come to that conclusion on his own, and what a neat discovery that could be.

The cards have beautiful photos, as well as a blurb of interesting information, to represent each state.  For instance, did you know there is a circus museum in Wisconsin?  Or that in Michigan, a person can never be more than 6 miles from a  natural water source?  Each card also has a picture of the flag, the State Seal, the State Flower, and the State bird.  There is lots to be learned from these cards.

Of course, J-jo is still a bit young, and Bear plays without strategy, but we'll have fun bringing this highly portable game with us at Thanksgiving and Christmas family get-togethers to play with other adults and older children.

Read the rest of this review at http://theadventuresofbear.blogspot.com/2011/11/top-trumps-united-states.html

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