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Time to Play Baby DVD
Time to Play Baby DVD

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Time to Play Baby DVD
When it comes to a babyís brain, the first couple years are irreversible. To make the most of that time, each day should incorporate visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic activities. Moms who were mothered well will find addressing each of these areas second nature. But if you have never seen such parenting first hand, or if you are concerned that your baby might not be reaching developmental milestones at the appropriate age, the Time to Play Baby DVD will be an indispensable tool.

Enhance Your Baby's Development
Time to Play Baby DVD was created by two stay at home moms with a goal of providing a year of playtime experiences that will enhance your babyís cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.

Add Structure and Purpose to Playtime
The six interactive play sessions are broken down into three age groups, with seventy guided activities and over twenty-five chants, songs and rhymes. Recommended by doctors across the country, the award-winning Time to Play Baby DVD gives your infantís playtime structure and purpose. Both parent and baby will enjoy the activitiesí focus on cognitive development along with fine and gross motor skills. And because so many of the activities are simple to learn and implement, older siblings do not have to be left out of the fun.

Skills-based Play Sessions
Through a series of skills-based play sessions the entire family will be nurturing the crucial bonding experience as they work on the newest memberís spatial awareness, visual tracking, eye-hand coordination, object permanence, auditory tracking, cause and effect, fine and gross motor skills, sense of rhythm and much more. Start homeschooling your baby today!

Save by Using Toys You May Already Own
While Time to Play Baby DVD was originally packaged as a set with toys included, we know how resourceful homeschooling moms can be. So we were able to secure permission to sell the DVD by itself. Now parents on a shoestring can use what they already have, or make do with something similar. Below is a list of toys needed to fully take advantage of all that is taught with Time to Play Baby DVD.

Wave drum
Oball rattle
Stacking cups
Gertie ball
Drip Drop Jingle Jangle (not available from Timberdoodle)

  • includes 90 minutes of developmental play
  • contains 6 interactive age appropriate play sessions
  • offers 70 guided activities
  • consists of over 25 chants, songs and rhymes

    Please note that the preview below is for the Time to Play Baby All-Inclusive Kit. Timberdoodle sells the Time to Play Baby DVD Only (toys sold separately)!

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