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Timberdoodle's review
Why We Wrote These Guides for You
We are often asked about the documentation included in our Curriculum Kits, and with good reason. You know that your curriculum handbook will set the tone for the year and you want to make sure it will be a good fit for your family. With that in mind, we wanted our curriculum handbook to be extremely simple, easy to use, and promote independent study as early as possible. Our guides are designed to get you up and running today without being overwhelmed, bored, or confused.

So What Exactly Do You Get And What Does It Look Like?
Each Curriculum Kit comes with its very own Curriculum Handbook; a bound, magazine-like manual, easy for you to reference as needed without being cumbersome or overwhelming.

What and Why
We begin with an overview of this year's curriculum in each level (Basic, Complete, and Elite) so that you know what to expect. Flip to the next pages and you’ll find we’ve included a quick overview of each of the items in your kit with enough information to wow Dad and excite your child. We’ve also noted scheduling tips on each item, including how much to do per week if you would like to complete the entire coursework over a typical 36-week school year.

Annual Schedule Planning
Continue on past the book-by-book summaries and you’ll find the most important part: schedules. You'll find 3 annual planners, 1 for each version of the kit: Basic, Complete, or Elite. We list each book and tool included in your kit as well as how many lessons or pages or chapters or… are in each and how much you should expect to do per week for a typical 36-week school year. If you don't use a typical school schedule (and there is no reason you need to!) you’ll be able to easily refigure it and still have your entire school year at a glance.

Weekly Checklists
We also include a simple weekly checklist so your students can check off their work as they accomplish it each week. Even pre-readers usually love crossing things off their list, and this takes you away from micromanaging your students while letting them be responsible for their own work.

How We Used Checklists
In our own family we had a family night every Friday, but only those with their lists done were welcome to be a part. I think each child had to have at least one week where the realization would sink in that it is Friday, and no schoolwork has been done yet. After doing math while everyone else was having fun, time-budgeting became a much more relevant concept! And, of course, learning to be an independent learner is an invaluable lesson in itself!

More Manuals Are Included
Of course, you’ll also find all the necessary teachers’ manuals and program-specific resources you need included in each Homeschool Curriculum Kit. Our curriculum handbook is not meant as a substitute for those manuals, but rather as a helpful summary and planning guide to get you up and running.

A few pages from the First-Grade Handbook can be seen above. To see more excerpts, just take a peek at the curriculum kit you're interested in and browse the pictures.