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ThinkFun Solitaire Chess
ThinkFun Solitaire Chess

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Timberdoodle's review

Sharpen Your Skills with Solitaire Chess
If you want to sharpen your chess skills but all your friends are chess connoisseurs, ThinkFun Solitaire Chess was made for you. You must eliminate all of the pieces from the game board except one, using only traditional chess moves.

Fast-paced Logic Game
This logic game, based on the rules of chess, will not only help you learn the game, but also greatly improve your ability to "think chess." Fast-paced Solitaire Chess includes 60 challenges from beginner to expert, ten chess pieces, and a storage bag. Ages eight to adult.
An easy-to-play sequential logic puzzle based on the rules of chess. 60 challenges, levels Beginner to Expert, make this a great game for chess players of all ages and ability levels.

Game Includes
  • 30 Double-sided Challenge Cards (60 challenges)
  • 10 Chess Pieces
  • Game Board with handy storage drawer
  • Instruction Manual

    How to Play
  • Player gets 10 chess pieces: two each of the Knight, Rook, Pawn and Bishop, one each of the King and Queen.
  • Choose a challenge card and set up the chess pieces as indicated.
  • Proceed to capture each piece, but only by using the same moves allowed in traditional Chess.
  • Players have to capture a piece with every move, so the game is fast-paced and always exciting.
  • When only one piece remains on the board, you win!

    Manufacturer's Information
    Copyright: 2010
    ISBN: 019275034009
    Manufacturer: ThinkFun
    Made In: China
    Players: 1
    Age: 8 to adult

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    Not as Big a Hit as Expected January 15, 2013
    Reviewer: Martianne  
    Santa brought this to our seven year old for Christmas. His dad and I thought it would be a huge hit since we often find our seven year old playing chess by himself, taking on the part of both himself and his opponent. Surprisngly, though, our son often opts not to use the game. he says it is not enough like real chess because one piece can move multiple times in a row... We have explained that it is a gam that will help him build vision and strategy for real chess (b/c at seven he DOES care about these things even if some seven year olds would not), but he still would rather play his solo chess games on the real chess board than engage with this one. We have also brought the game to family parties where we thought his cousins, who like strategy and challenge games (and have lvoed other timberdoodle products) would enjoy it. They were non-plussed. All that said, *I* like the game and hope it helps me build enough skills so I don't always lose at chess to my 7 year old. :)

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    Entertaining and Engaging Game! June 1, 2012
    Reviewer: Heidi  
    I don't usually enjoy chess or puzzles BUT our family realized that this is amazing for kids and adults alike! My 10 year old daughter found it fun right away and worked through each page like she would any puzzle book she has. I read the directions but didn't jump into the game until I saw how much she was enjoying it. It really is an awesome logic developer! With it being very incremental and having some tips, a "non-chess" player like me could enjoy it too. It is well-made and the pieces are easy to use.

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    Solitaire Chess Review by Joy in our Journey January 5, 2012
    Reviewer: Julieanne from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
    My girls have wanted to learn more about how to play the game of chess, but I'm just not a strategy game type of person, and my husband does well with strategy, but chess is not his favorite game.  So...Solitaire Chess has already been played numerous times by our girls in our home!

    I really like the fact that Solitaire Chess enables the player to use up to 60 challenge cards to gain skills in the game of chess, without having to play against another player who may be far more experienced.  This game can build a child's (or adult's) confidence independently, and I like that.

    My girls were both excited to receive this game in the mail, although we did have a bit of a difficult time removing the 30 challenge cards from the nice storage drawer in the game set.  I actually needed to call Timberdoodle to ask their advice on how to remove the game cards from the drawer.  The cards slid out after numerous shakes and pushing outward and downward on the cards, and once they were removed from their original packaging, we haven't had any difficulty with that since.  Thankfully!

    So, what did we think about Solitaire Chess?  We loved it!  We are enjoying playing this game, on our own, even if no one else in the family has the time right now to play a game with us.  The girls are learning more about how to actually play chess, because each move that they make on the board must eliminate one of the other pieces.  This is a puzzle that my girls can't resist!

    As a mom, I like the fact that everything about this game seems to be sturdy and well-designed.  It is compact, and would also work well on road trips or airplane flights.  We look forward to playing it over and over again, even as a part of our school hours, because it will continue to build thinking skills.

    I do recommend Solitaire Chess for families (or adults like me who admit that they don't do well with strategy games but would like to learn more).  This would make an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for anyone from age 8 through adult.  

    Read the rest of this review at http://www.joyinourjourney.com/solitaire-chess-game.html

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    Teach Me with Games: Solitaire Chess January 3, 2012
    Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
    I have to tell you, from the get-go it has been a hit. My oldest son has found a love for the traditional game of chess, so he was very excited to learn about this new game. After a quick overview of the instructions,ThinkFun Solitaire Chess was packed in our travel bag for our recent 14 hour car drive. The game conveniently includes all of the pieces in a handy self contained storage box making it perfect for travel.

    As somone who hasn't played chess or know anything about chess I have to say, this is a nifty game. My youngest son has already memorized the chess pieces and is already diving in to play.

    My husband has also been finding some time to play and says that once you move through the basic beginner stages of the game, it starts to pick up and provide quite a challenge. Learning happens all of the time strategy is great for the brain and teaches patience and thinkiing skills. It makes me smile to see all three of them huddled around the game board working on a strategy together.

    Since there are four of us in the house, we each gave it a thumbs up or down. This game got a full four thumbs up from our family.

    Read the rest of this review at http://vintageindie.typepad.com/vintage_indie/2010/11/teach-me-with-games-solitaire-chess.html

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    Review by Petra School December 28, 2011
    Reviewer: Angie from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
    We were eager to open the game and try to figure it out. Our only dislike of the product – lies with the manufacturer. The product is packaged like Fort Knox. Good Gravy the cards are hard to get out – the first time.  When there are boys jumping around eager to play – i yi yi.

    The book comes with great graphics of how each piece can move.  We have studied Chess as part of Keepers of the Faith – and during that study we created a lapbook to learn the names and moves of each piece.  Jon could quickly take hold of this game and run with it. He has been taking it to bed at night and is in the 20’s now of challenges. He quickly went through 8 challenges on the first time working with the Solitaire Chess.  It takes me a bit longer to figure them out. Knowing the pieces made this a GREAT game for us. But  – I could see that this game in itself would really help a person to learn the moves without the need to know the whole board.

    We recommend ThinkFun’s Solitaire Chess to families who want a stand alone game, great for car rides, great for quite room time, great for honing thinking skills and chess skills.

    Read the rest of this review at http://pebblekeeper.wordpress.com/2010/10/26/timberdoodle-thinkfun-solitaire-chess/

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