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The Wouldbegoods - Audio Book
The Wouldbegoods

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The Wouldbegoods

The Wouldbegoods, a sequel to The Treasure Seekers, reacquaints us with the six Bastable children: Dora, Oswald, Dicky, Alice, Noël and H. O.

The story is again told by you-may-not-know-who, and the children find all sorts of ways in which to amuse themselves in the country during the summer holidays.

The children do their best, but they do get themselves into trouble – right from the beginning, when their latest brainwave is to create a jungle in the garden…

About Audiobooks:

Typically children spend the first ten to twelve years of their lives with an intellectual capacity that exceeds their reading ability. Involved parents recognize this and make reading to their children a part of their everyday routine. As a result those children tend to have improved listening and comprehension skills, larger vocabularies, and better imaginations. But even in families where read-aloud books are the norm, most teaching parents just do not have the luxury of spending countless hours reading to their children. For them, Audiobooks are a windfall.

Encourages Critical Thinking
Just like with reading, listening to an audiobook requires that the child work to interpret the meaning, think critically about the content, and use his imagination. Also Audiobooks can expose your children to unfamiliar dialects, accents, or even the pronunciation of certain uncommon words. This exposure will develop your child's sense of the rich and various ways in which language can be used to convey meaning.

Easier to Digest
Additionally in many cases a child that would balk at reading a classical book, will eagerly listen to the same title read by an animated and skilled reader. And sometimes, due to the intensity and the emotional grip of an unusually gifted reader the listener may, in fact, retain even more of the storyline than if he had read it himself.

Multitasking Now Possible - Drudgeries Become Enticing
On top of that, using audio books in your homeschool will give you parents time to deal with more pressing issues. And Audiobooks used on vacations or commutes to lessons, provide a link to a vast array of topics for discussion between the listening parents and children. Plus Audiobooks can make the dreariest tasks, be they cleaning, weeding, or folding laundry the highlight of the day. Merely insert a CD and be instantly transported into the virtual pages of a book. And there is nothing quite as relaxing as doing a craft while listening to a book on tape - professionally recorded classics bringing life and depth to your whole family's literary experience.

Abridged or Unabridged?
Many of the classic audiobooks we sell are abridged and some families are confused as to what the difference is between abridged and unabridged audiobooks. Simply put an unabridged audiobook contains every word from the original book. An abridged audio book is shortened, to make them more of a manageable listen.

As you know, books were written to be read silently and because we read in our heads faster than we can read out loud, what would be an enjoyable read becomes laborious to listen to. While countless readers skim over boring passages, that, of course is impossible to do when listening to an audiobook. So most families prefer the abridged version where the nonessential is removed. Any audiobook that has been skillfully and painstakingly abridged will maintain the heart of the original work while enhancing the listening experience of the listener.

  • Three Audio CDs

    Author: Edith Nesbit
    Read By: Teresa Gallagher
    Running Time: 3h, 17m
    ISBN: 9789626343364
    Publisher: Naxos AudioBooks
    Abridged?: Yes

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