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  The Valley of Vision
The Valley of Vision

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Joy loved this book so much that she bought a copy for a friend dying of cancer, who also loved it. Then she gave me a copy, and my first reaction was, "Canned prayers? I don't need that." I let the gift languish for a time and then felt guilty that I hadn't even taken the plastic wrap off it to peek inside.

Settling down with the goal of skimming through it, I was so bowled over by the introductory prayer, I could go no further. "Powerful" inadequately describes it. The title has been lifted from that first prayer: "Thou hast brought me to the valley of vision, where I live in the depths but see Thee in the heights..." These prayers are collected from the journals of Puritan fathers such as Thomas Watson, Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, Isaac Watts, and others. Each individual prayer is not attributed to its corresponding author, but don't you suspect the authors would have preferred anonymity anyway?

Now, before you react to scripted prayer, ask yourself if the songs you worship with are any less worshipful because someone else wrote them and you have sung them before. Of course they are not. Likewise, the prayers of these godly men seem to express the desires of our hearts better than we often can. They create in us a deeper yearning for repentance, holiness, and the presence of God.

This small bonded-leather book, with a bound-in ribbon bookmark, is over 400 pages, each prayer slightly over a page in length. Ideal for private devotions, this is the one book besides our Bibles that we use virtually every day. No other book has influenced the content of our prayers as much as The Valley of Vision.

Author: Arthur Bennett
Pages: 432
Binding: Bonded Leather
ISBN: 9780851518213
Publisher: Banner of Truth

Sample Prayer from Valley of Vision
Supreme Ruler of The Visible and Invisible Worlds

"My heart is drawn out to thee for thy amazing grace and condescension. Thou hast kept my conversion fresh before me, that season of my first spiritual comfort when I passed through the Red Sea by a way I did not expect. I rejoiced then for that unthought-of passage, that delivered me from the fear of the Egyptian when I had almost despaired of life. I rejoice now as these things are fresh and lively in my mind. My soul melts when I think of thy days of old with me, when a poor worthless creature without wisdom to direct or strength to help myself was laid under the happy necessity of living upon thee and finding thy consolations large.Thou art my divine treasury in whom all fullness dwells, my life, hope, joy, peace, glory, end; May I be daily more and more conformed to thee, with the meekness and calmness of the Lamb in my soul, and a feeling sense of the felicity of heaven, where I long to join angels free from imperfections, where in me the image of my adored Saviour will be completely restored, so that I may be fit for his enjoyments and employments.I am not afraid to look the king of terrors in the face, for I know I shall be drawn, not driven, out of the world.Until then let me continually glow and burn out for thee, and when the last great change shall come let me awake in thy likeness, leaving behind me an example that will glorify thee while my spirit rejoices in heaven, and my memory is blessed upon earth, with those who follow me praising thee for my life." From Valley of Vision