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  The Usborne Detective's Handbook
The Usborne Detective's Handbook

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Timberdoodle's review
A Secret Desire to be a Detective
Nearly every child has a secret desire to be a detective. And why not? Detectives are not only entrusted with protecting both lives and property, they get to investigate, conduct surveillance, participate in sensitive undercover assignments and collect evidence. How cool is that?

Tips, Hints, Advice, and How-to's
Now, using a wealth of illustrations, The Detective's Handbook will give your child tips, hints and advice on how to be a quick-thinking super-sleuth. Everything from how to set up an office to how crooks work, using disguises, training dogs, detecting counterfeits, and searching a house is included.

A Sense of Adventure, A Thirst for the Truth
Any child with a sense of adventure and a thirst for the truth will find The Detective's Handbook intriguing. But if you have a houseful of gumshoes-in-training, that's even better. With all the games, puzzles and training courses included in The Detective's Handbook, any private eye would welcome a colleague  to learn with him the special skills detectives need.

Logic, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving
God may have other career plans for your child's adult years, but while he is a child, why not let him explore the detective field? The Detective's Handbook will not only improve your child's appreciation for logical thinking, but will also encourage critical thinking, problem solving, dramatic play and fun through learning.
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  • Packed with tips, hints and advice on how to be an intrepid, quick-thinking super-sleuth.
  • Includes how to identify fingerprints and handwriting and how to examine witnesses and find clues.
  • Contains observation tests and code cracking quizzes to hone those investigative skills.

    Publisher's Information
    Illustrator: Colin King
    Pages: 192
    Binding: Spiral
    Copyright: 2009
    ISBN: 9780746098448
    Publisher: Usborne Books
    Printed In: China

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