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The Science Chef
The Science Chef 2-Book Bundle

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Timberdoodle's review
The Science Chef Sample 1
The Science Chef Sample 2
Science Your Children Will Eat Up
A significant part of your life goes toward preparing meals for your family, but do you have any idea of the science behind the food you serve? Why does bread rise, how do sauces thicken, and what is baking soda? Every time you prepare a meal you are relying on chemistry, biology, and nutritional science. The Science Chef explores each of these tasty mysteries in a manner your children will eat up!

What Makes Popcorn Pop?
Divided into three parts, The Science Chef first investigates questions like why onions make you cry and what makes popcorn pop? Next, The Science Chef invites your child to make food from scratch, such as cottage cheese or rich caramel pudding. Finally, The Science Chef looks at science in the local grocery store, narrowing in on themes such as fiber, fat, or sugar.

100 Experiments and Recipes
Each chapter begins with facts about the topic, followed by a brief experiment to illustrate the concept and recipes graded by difficulty. All 100 experiments and recipes require only common ingredients and standard kitchen utensils. With The Science Chef your whole family will not only learn basic science by performing fun, easy-to-do cooking projects, but will also gain essential culinary information and skills.

Travel the World with the Science of Food
Delve into the scientific secrets of food as your family investigates the culinary traditions of 14 countries, from our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, to the exotic Morocco and the intriguing Israel. Each chapter in The Science Chef Travels Around the World contains several facts about the country presented, an experiment related to a basic food ingredient typical of that country, and recipes for a complete meal.

Publisher's Information
The Science Chef
Author: Joan D'Amico, Karen Eich Drummond
Pages: 180
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 1995
ISBN: 9780471310457
Printed In: USA

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