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The Big Picture Story Bible (Hardcover)
The Big Picture Story Bible

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Ages: 1-6
Grade Levels: Toddler - Pre-K

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The Big Picture Story Bible (Hardcover)
Bible story books are ubiquitous; strewn across the waiting room table, jammed into a spinning bookrack alongside the likes of a purple dinosaur who claims to be family, and maybe even lurking under the back seat of your van where you can see, but can't quite reach it. But unless they are The Big Picture Story Bible (or The Jesus Storybook Bible), they are sorely lacking the cohesive thread that God has woven through the Old and New Testaments. The Bible was not intended to be a collection of short stories, but rather a multi-generational study of why we need a Savior. The Big Picture Story Bible is the first children's book we have seen that accomplishes that goal.

Ideal first Bible story book
Written with simplicity, The Big Picture Story Bible is an ideal first Bible story book as it succinctly unfurls the story of the Creator's plan to bring this rebellious world back under the rule of its rightful King.

Truly God-centered
Many Bible story books err by allowing the characters of the stories to become idols: Noah rescues the animals, David triumphs over Goliath, and Moses leads the Israelites. The Big Picture Story Bible, however, remains truly God-centered as it recaps the progressive story of redemption.

Only one story line
Not to be confused with a children's Bible, The Big Picture Story Bible integrates many familiar Bible stories into one story line that shows how a glorious God keeps His promise. After your children have been saturated with that awesome message, turn to a children's Bible to fill in all the details.

Large, Appealing Artwork
Because this is a children's book, a book you want even non-readers poring over, exceptional artwork is imperative. Even here, The Big Picture Story Bible does not disappoint. It is exceedingly obvious that the large, beautiful artwork was well thought-out; each appealing illustration has been executed with excellence.

Download a free Audio Reading
The Big Picture Story Bible has a free downloadable audio read by the author. Great for trips in the car, children can listen to the text and follow along in the book. Hardback, 450+ pages.

View the table of contents.
View excerpt, Part 1: The Very Good Beginning, as a PDF.
View excerpt, Part 23: God's Promise is Explained, as a PDF.

Publisher's Information
Author: David R Helm
Illustrator: Gail Schoonmaker
Pages: 456
Binding: Hardcover
Copyright: 2010
ISBN: 9781433543111
Publisher: Crossway Books
Made In: USA

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Husband Asks for This For Younger Kids November 27, 2012
Reviewer: MamaSon  
My husband likes to take the kids out to spend some time visiting with them. He has taken this book along and read to the kids wherever they went. He likes the way it gets the kids attention and he can discuss what the book is saying and the pictures. This book prompts alot of discussion with our very young kids. It is heavy and not meant to be towed around so much...the spine is coming apart now. It is made well, just we have put it to use.

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The Big Picture Story Bible June 1, 2012
Reviewer: mamakven  
I was surprised when i saw how incredibly BIG this book is, and pleasantly so. I also really appreciate having the audio as, with doing a primarily literature based style of homeschooling, i appreciate a break when i can get it! Its got large attractive illustrations, and i think before I was aware of the Jesus Storybook Bible I would have given it a 5, but its so similar that other than the size and audio perspective, i prefer the Jesus Storybook Bible, and we read that one more. But this is a fine Story Bible. I'd say its my 2nd favorite, and i've seen many.

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The Big Picture! September 20, 2011
Reviewer: Misty Marr from Buckeye, AZ United States  
Wow, The Big Picture Story Bible really is a big book!  My kids loved it!  By 7 year old actually read the whole thing withing just a few days.  I love that you have the option to read aloud, or to turn on the CD and let them listen.  W have loved having the CDs.  The are great to have all the kids sit and relax and think about the things of the Lord.  The book is nicely written, enjoyable to listen to, yet adheres to the Bible. The picture are also nice and the kids love to see them. The only negative that I find. is that the book is big, and is square, so that couses the binding to feel flimsy - like the book is too heavy for the binding to hold it up.

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Great Pictures for the Greatest Story Ever June 30, 2011
Reviewer: Cheri from WA United States  
My three year old really likes "The Big Picture Story Bible."  I thought it would take a long time to get through, and she might miss the effort the author makes to tie all the Scriptures together into one important true story.  But she loves to listen to huge chunks all in one sitting.  

The book's purpose is to show the history of the Bible is all about one central theme: Jesus redeeming His people to live in His place under His rule.

It clearly makes the point that rebellion against God is a very poor choice, but  choosing to bow before our loving King results in our being blessed.

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Great introduction to the Story, not just stories June 2, 2011
Reviewer: Tricia from Goreville, IL United States  
We got this large, beautiful book in response to our 3-year-old daughter's MANY questions after this year's Maundy Thursday service. She has hardly wanted to read anything else in the weeks since we got it! We tried the CD a few days ago, and she sat and listened to the whole thing--both CDs--straight through. This is definitely an interpretation, not the Bible itself, but most Christian families will be comfortable with the choices the author made. The author has done such a good job of presenting the vision of Jesus as God's forever king that it makes up for the discomfort I feel about the departures from the Bible itself. (For example, after Adam and Eve ate the fruit, it says that God was angry. Now, this may have been true, but is not what the Bible actually says.) The Big Picture Story Bible is far better than most story Bibles I've seen, and I recommend it to anyone who is wondering how to introduce a small child to the sweep of the Bible story.

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