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Terrapin Logo

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Grade Levels: All ages, but especially 4th-8th

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If your children use a computer, then they should learn the basics of how computer programming works. It doesn't get any easier than Terrapin Logo. Logo is an ideal first programming language that responds immediately to simple commands that your child creates. This easily-understood computer language enables even younger children to break down projects into smaller, solvable parts.

After mastering simple drawings, your children will learn how to effortlessly animate using their Logo graphics. Terrapin Logo's music system also allows your children to create and play tunes with ease in multiple voices and on multiple instruments.

This updated version of Terrapin Logo introduces the Logo toolbox that contains commonly used Logo tools and resources. Add your own resources to the toolbox and customize your Logo environment by putting your favorite tools at your fingertips.

Many of us cut our programming teeth on Logo, but this recently revised edition is incredible. Even if your family is new to the language of Logo, Terrapin Logo's crystal-clear tutorial will give you the tools you need to start programming with little computer gobbledygook.

Terrapin Logo comes on a dual Windows/Macintosh CD-ROM and includes complete on-line help in HTML format along with a Getting Started Guide, Quick Reference Guide, Terrapin Logo Tutorial, and Terrapin Logo Reference Manual.

Plus, all Timberdoodle Terrapin Logo orders will also receive Logo Works, an incredibly comprehensive resource for introducing computer literacy to fourth through eighth graders. By using Logo Works, your child will explore Logo in a systematic way and gain a greater command of the concepts presented. Logo Works contains 46 lessons with over 250 activities to challenge students at all levels. In addition, example procedures for Logo Works are available as a free download from Terrapin's website. A separate teacher's guide is also available and helpful if computer programming is a totally new venture for your family.

This new 32-bit version of Logo is designed for Windows 95/98/ NT/2000 and XP, and Macintosh OS8, OS9, OS10 and OSX. Dual format for Macintosh/Windows computers - Terrapin Logo runs on both Macintosh and Windows computers. All files saved by Logo on either a Macintosh or Windows computer, including binary environment files, text program listings, and graphics files, can be loaded by Logo on the other operating system.

Terrapin Logo Version 3 comes ready for
  • Windows (95 and up, incl Windows 7)
  • Mac Classic (OS 8.1 and up)
  • Mac OS X (all versions)

    Complete turtle graphics
  • Up to 100 turtles
  • Millions of colors
  • Multiple shapes
  • Multiple graphics windows

    Full math functions
  • Cartesian and polar coordinates
  • Trigonometry
  • Binary and base functions
  • Exponents and logarithms

    Programming capability
  • Multiple editors
  • GUI controls
  • Input and output
  • Operating system access
  • File management
  • Objects and properties
  • Debugging tools

    Three-voice music
    Built-in RCX controls
    On-line Help

    Timberdoodle orders for Terrapin Logo include the Lessons in Logo Student Workbook ($24.95 value), a comprehensive curriculum that introduces and integrates Logo into 4th to 8th grade math, geometry, and computer literacy classes.

    Publisher's Information
    Publisher: Terrapin Software
    Made In: USA