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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Early Elementary I Wonder - 1st Grade Helping Hands - 2nd Grade
I Wonder - 1st Grade
Our Price: $8.00
Happy Hearts - 2nd Grade Part 2 Doors to Discovery - 3rd Grade Bridges Beyond - 4th Grade
Open Windows - 5th Grade Calls to Courage - 6th Grade Road Less Traveled - 7th Grade
Open Windows - 5th Grade
Our Price: $10.00
Where Roads Diverge - 8th Grade Pathway Readers First Grade Set Pathway Readers Third Grade Set
Pathway Readers Fourth Grade Set Pathway Readers Fifth Grade Set Pathway Readers Sixth Grade Set
Pathway Readers Seventh Grade Set Pathway Readers Eighth Grade Set The Jesus Storybook Bible Every Story Whispers His Name
Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin George Eastman and the Kodak Camera Hedy Lamarr and a Secret Communication System
Henry Ford and the Model T Isaac Newton and the Laws of Motion Johann Gutenberg and the Printing Press
Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine Levi Strauss and Blue Jeans Louis Pasteur and Pasteurization
Marie Curie and Radioactivity Philo Farnsworth and the Television Samuel Morse and the Telegraph
Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and the Personal Computer Thomas Edison and the Lightbulb The Wright Brothers and the Airplane
The Adventures of Marco Polo The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln The Battle of Gettysburg
Everyone knows that good readers find it easier to be outstanding students. Since summer is the perfect time to settle in with a good book, why not pick up a new book for your young reader?