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Sit 'n' Gym (Yellow) - 18 Inch
Sit 'n' Gym

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Need help selecting the right size? Watch Timberdoodle's video on ball sizing here.

Increased Attention Span

You have to decide if sitting still or academics is the goal. For some children, it is that cut and dried; if their body is still, so is their brain. We have found that it is far better to allow a bit of activity and get their brains operational. Sit'n'Gym balls have been used extensively in European kindergartens and classrooms for years. Teachers there have found that the gentle bouncing that ensues often leads to better behavior and improved focus and concentration. Sit'n'Gym's soothing body movements not only enhance blood circulation, increasing the child's attention span they also promote proper body alignment for better posture and improve balance and coordination. Burst-resistant, super-strong, latex-free vinyl is surface washable and features little peg feet that help just a skosh to keep the ball from rolling away. Assorted sizes mean that teens and adults can also enjoy improved concentration! Colors may vary. Just add air.

Selecting the correct size Sit N Gym is typically determined by a child's height, but that is somewhat arbitrary. What you are looking for is a 90-degree angle between your child's hips and knees. If, perchance, you happened to purchase a ball that is too large to give your child that 90-degree angle you can simply not inflate your ball as much. If your exercise ball is under-inflated, the ball will not be as firm, but your child will continue to benefit from the gentle bouncing and will gradually grow into a perfect fit.

Measuring Your Child
The fastest way to measure your child for the ball is the method used by Abel in the video above. Simply have your child stand on a hard surface and measure from the top of their knee to the floor. The resulting number is their optimal ball size. All kids are built differently, and it is very likely that they won't perfectly fit a ball. In this case simply buy the ball that is a size too big for them, and only inflate it to their size. For instance, Caleb measured about 15", yet the balls only come in 14", 18", 22", and 26" sizes. Rather than putting him on a too small 14" ball, Abel matched him with the 18" ball, but deflated it a few inches to compensate. This is not only more comfortable for Caleb now, but it also offers him something he can grow into; making it a much better value.

As always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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