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Sequential Spelling 5 Bundle
Sequential Spelling 5

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Brilliant Methodology
I am an atrocious speller; don't even ask what atrocious looked like before I spell-checked this copy! But I find it interesting that I am not consistently a bad speller, as I do have some strengths. When I consider those strengths, I recall not phonics rules per se, but patterns that were diligently taught by some nameless teacher in my past. Having recognized the brilliance of that methodology, I was more than eager to examine the Sequential Spelling series.

Spell with Word Families
While we intuitively teach our children to read via word families (first at, then bat, cat, fat, and so forth), we rarely incorporate that same methodology in teaching spelling. Instead we shift to burdensome rules and endless lists of seemingly random words.

Easy to Use
Sequential Spelling is radically different as it is firmly entrenched in teaching using word families. The parent dictates a word, then the child writes it in his notebook. The child corrects any error right away before the next word is dictated, for when he immediately corrects his own mistakes, he will learn and retain more. Every day, every lesson is a test. That's it, that's the program. Your child will never be asked to study for a spelling test; the author believes that the tests should be a learning device, not a method of evaluation.
This common sense spelling program is incredibly easy for a parent to use.

Easily Adapted for a Variety of Ages
Each level of Sequential Spelling consists of 180 days of lessons. If you find the list of twenty-five words too much for your child, then do fewer words a day. While Level One can be used with a first-grader, it is equally effective with an older child who needs to build a solid spelling foundation. There is nothing juvenile about this program, so dive in at whatever level seems appropriate.

180 Daily Tests
Sequential Spelling eliminates the study-for-the-test-and-forget-by-Monday syndrome. Each of the seven levels has 180 daily tests of twenty-one words for a total of over 25,000 words!

Important Note: Sequential Spelling is not based on grade level. The sequences are based on building from easy words to advanced words, as from all to tall, stall, install, installment, installation. However, for some of you it will be helpful to walk through the simple placement test.

Additional Note: If you opt to use the DVD in conjunction with the Student Workbook for levels 1-5, please note that because of a few later changes to the workbooks there will be an occasional discrepancy between the word lists on the DVD versus the lists in the workbook. This will not affect the spelling exercises which are the core of the program, but can impact some of the peripheral activities such as crossword puzzles.
Sequential Spelling is a seven-level spelling program for the teaching of the patterns of English spelling within seven normal public school years, though many homeschoolers complete all seven levels at a much faster rate.

Each Sequential Spelling bundle comes with the teacherís guide and one student response book! Extra copies of the student response book are available separately.

Important Note: The sequences are not based on grade level. They are based on building from easy words to advanced words as from all to tall, stall, install, installment, installation. However, for some of you it will be helpful to walk through the simple placement test.

View the first four lessons from each of the seven levels.
View the first eight lessons for Level 5.

Publisher's Information
Author: Don McCabe
Pages: 69
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 2006
ISBN: 9781564009654
Publisher: AVKO Educational Research Foundation
Made In: USA
Consumable: Yes
Reproducible: No

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Both my daughter and I September 20, 2014
Reviewer: Anne D.  
Both my daughter and I love Sequential Spelling. I've been home schooling for over 15 years and wish I had bought this for my other children. It is definitely the best spelling curriculum I have used. I would highly recommend.

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I really like it so far September 3, 2009
Reviewer: Nikki S. from Lebanon, MO  
We just started it, but I really like this program so far.  My kids dreaded spelling before and now they are enjoying it.  I am also glad to have a program they can use together.  The only reason I can't give it 5 stars yet is because we haven't used it long enough to see if it works - (the kids remember the words long term.)

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Didn't work September 3, 2009
Reviewer: Sheri R. from Glennville, GA  
There was once a time that I wholeheartedly recommended this spelling program. However, that is no more.   I used this program with three different students for about a year. They were three very different students- one ace speller, one in need of serious remedial spelling help, and one who was right on track in spelling.   I recommended this program before because it was fun, easy, the boys enjoyed it, is relatively inexpensive, requires no teacher prep, gives immediate feedback, can be used for multiple students easily, is not consumable, and was pretty easy to complete each day.   Turns out, it was too good to be true. My ace speller was terribly bored. My remedial speller made very little to no progress. My on track speller began slipping behind.   I believe this is because this spelling program is completely lacking- spelling rule training phonics training segmenting/syllable training  My students learned little other than how to change a few letters to make a new word in a word family. This training didn't stick. In their daily writing I often saw misspelled words that we had already covered in their spelling tests.   I wouldn't even recommend using this program along with a supplemental program that covers all it's missing. In my opinion it's simply missing exactly what it claims to teach- spelling training.

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Cheap, easy to use and straightforward! September 3, 2009
Reviewer: Jackie A. from APO, AE  
I love Sequential spelling.  It was the simplest way to teach my non-spelling son how to spell.  Cheap, easy to use and straightforward!

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from tears to loving it September 3, 2009
Reviewer: Dana R. from Gig Harbor, WA  
My daughter was terrible at spelling yet, excelled in reading! Every time we pulled out a spelling book she burst into tears. In desperation I looked for another program and saw yours at a Homeschool Conference.  I purchased sequential spelling - she has had marked improvement and loves it. It just makes sense.

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