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BIOLOID STEM Standard Electronics Learning Circuits Max Axiom STEM Adventures set of 4
Our Price: $349.90
Max Axiom STEM Adventures set of 4
List Price: $31.80
Our Price: $28.50
You save $3.30!
meeperBOT Blue meeperBOT Neon Green Robotis Play 503
meeperBOT 2.0 Blue
Our Price: $49.99
meeperBOT 2.0 Neon Green
Our Price: $49.99
Robotis Monkey Kit
Our Price: $39.90
Robotis Play 300 Dinos Kit Robotis PLAY 600 Pets The Amazing Story of Cell Phone Technology
Robotis PLAY 600 Pets
Our Price: $39.90
The Amazing Story of Space Travel The Terrific Tale of Television Technology
Bioloid is a world-renowned robotic curriculum made up of ingeniously-designed, interchangeable, block-shaped parts. Unlike other robotic kits that build a single form, Bioloid components encourage your children to build robots in a variety of shapes to accomplish a variety
of tasks. With an amazing collection of servos, a full-motion editor, and visual programming environment, they can program the Bioloid to interact with its surroundings while performing complex movements. The various construction and programming options allow their robotic project to be as simple or complex as they want it to be.