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  Baby 2015 Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit
Baby Timberdoodle Curriculum

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When will I receive my 2015 curriculum?
Your 2015 curriculum will ship right away with the exception of the 2015 Parent’s Handbook which is expected to ship late April.

Ages: 0-24mos
Grade Levels: Baby

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

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Baby-Toddler Basic $167 $139
Baby-Toddler Complete $233 $195
Baby-Toddler Elite $475 $390

Timberdoodle's review
Do you need a customized Baby Timberdoodle Curriculum?

It is startling that while no other age group undergoes so much change in so many ways, infants and toddlers are often left to fend for themselves both in physical and academic development. We've set out to change that with an endlessly reusable kit that we hope you'll use for child after child, then retire to your church nursery or hang onto for the grandkids!

Timberdoodle's Baby & Toddler Curriculum Kit is jam-packed with everything you need to homeschool this precious age. If you're not familiar with our curriculum kits for the younger set, it may be helpful to point out that we're certainly not out to pound an education into tiny heads or to inflate your status as a parent because your child is so well-educated. Our perspective is that since all little ones are wired for learning, why not play games, sing songs, and do things that will build both their brain and your relationship with them simultaneously?

This program is designed for the baby to two-year-old who is ready for an intentional approach to learning. It is perfect for new moms who want to enjoy their baby, but would love some direction on what to do with baby once he is fed and changed. It is equally fantastic for experienced moms who would like an easy way to ensure that baby receives focused time, just like the rest of the little learners. Again, the point is to love on the baby/toddler and cultivate an enthusiasm for learning. This is truly an amazing age!

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2015 Baby/Toddler Basic

2015 Baby Handbook (0-24 months)
This guide helps you to know which books to use when and how to schedule your school year. A weekly checklist is included so that you can verify at a glance that you are including a wide variety of activities in your tiny tot's routine. We don't encourage a detailed daily schedule since no two days are identical for a wee one. At this age especially, a relaxed approach is so much more appropriate!

Tiny Tots Handbook PDF Sample
Active Baby, Healthy Brain
Babies crave more than a meal and a cuddle. They are eager, voracious learners, and many new parents are just as enthusiastic to start homeschooling their baby but don't know where to start. Active Baby, Healthy Brain is a practical handbook for parents enthralled with every aspect of their baby's intellectual and physical development. It is simple, to the point, and easy to implement. Each activity is presented with detailed instructions and appealing illustrations that make everything crystal clear. And while the overall tone is to have fun with your baby (and you will), the author makes sure you understand the crucial connections between the activities and the development of your baby's body and brain. You'll also learn how to incorporate toys, music, and games into your baby's day. No single activity takes more than two minutes, and all that's required is ten minutes a day. How easy is that?
The Peanut Ball
Unless you've read Active Baby, Healthy Brain, the idea of a peanut exercise ball may seem baffling. But the author explains how an exercise ball used correctly will strengthen your baby's core muscles, body awareness, balance, and attention. You can use any exercise ball, but we like the idea of using a Peanut Ball. Because of its unique shape, it will roll in only one direction, so the instability is moderate, making it a lot less daunting for new parents to use. The center of the Peanut Ball will hold any rider safe within its contoured "saddle," so don't be surprised to find that this Peanut Ball morphs into a trusty steed for older siblings when baby is napping. With a grooved surface for better grip, our Peanut Ball will hold up to 750 pounds and is designed not to burst if punctured.
Oball Rattle
Buying a baby rattle needn't be rocket science, but the right rattle can mean the difference between a dust-collector at the bottom of a diaper bag and a fascinating diversion for a fussy baby. We looked at dozens of rattles before selecting the Oball Rattle as our favorite. Its many finger holes make it easy to clutch and roll, the soft texture is just right for mouthing, and the beads make a pleasant rattling sound; this is a clear winner.

Colors vary
Edushape Mini Edu-Animals
The first few years of your baby’s life are spent investigating, creating, and mimicking all through the mode of play. Soft and pliable Mini EduAnimals Blocks make it easy and safe to engage your child in simple construction, or just turn him loose to explore the durable stacking blocks and the six comical zoo animals on his own.
My Very First Book of Things To Spot
Watch your baby’s language comprehension explode with the Usborne Very First Book of Things to Spot. Searching the simple, beautifully illustrated pages, your baby will learn the names of items and their actions as he finds the dog that is rolling on his back or the penguin who is sliding on his belly.
Baby Bright book
Stimulate your baby's eyesight and brain development with the striking, high-contrast, simple designs of Baby Bright. Bright images, with cheerful spots of metallic color, introduce illustrations of familiar objects. Baby Bright is perfect for little ones to see and work on developing eye control.
Let's Sign Baby
Larger vocabularies? Higher scores on intelligence tests? Fewer tantrums? Research has shown that these and even more advantages are available for every baby that learns American Sign Language, so what are you waiting for? Let's Sign, Baby! is a gentle, natural way to introduce your baby to the benefits of ASL.
Designed by a mother of triplets, Indestructible Books are so rugged that they can even be thrown in the wash! Just as important, the vibrant and creative illustrations give you and your little one lots to discuss and study. Wordless pages mean that every time you read it, the story is different! !

2015 Baby/Toddler Complete

Experimenting With Babies
Experience the thrill of scientific research from the comfort of your own living room laboratory with Experimenting With Babies. By using your own baby to recreate landmark scientific studies on cognitive, motor, social, and behavioral development of infants, you will gain insights into how he acquires skills and how he develops, physically and emotionally, during the first 24 months of life.
Starry Playsilk
The best toys for babies are simple, uncomplicated ones that assist them in gaining important skills. Wispy enough for a tiny baby to manipulate, PlaySilks are sumptuously soft, providing a wonderful sensory experience for developing babies. The lovely texture and translucency of the PlaySilks make them ideal for a game of peek-a-boo, to set the table for a tea party, as a flag to hoist; there are unlimited hours of open-ended play.
Poke-A-Dot Old MacDonald's Farm
This chunky board book is thicker than most, perfect for smaller fingers, and the buttons can be popped repeatedly. In fact, the poking of the dots is very addictive for most children, which is nice for a child who needs to work on fine-motor skills. Poke-A-Dot is a fun, fresh, 'pop-a-tronic' way to teach your tiny tot how to count from one to ten!
Teach Your Baby to Sign Cards
You will not find a more convenient resource for learning and teaching Sign Language than Teach Your Baby to Sign Cards, featuring winsome photos and endearing line drawings of babies signing the most useful signs your family will need. Place cards on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or changing table for quick and easy reference.

2015 Baby/Toddler Elite

SmartMax Extreme
SmartMax is the hero of the Baby & Toddler Elite Curriculum Kit. This multifaceted magnetic construction kit includes exceptionally powerful magnets that are permanently encapsulated inside chunky, multicolored bars - long, short, and curved - and lightweight metal balls. With such a variety of pieces, toddlers can create countless 2-D or 3-D objects while exploring magnetism and gravity in a safe way.

What sets SmartMax Extreme apart from mediocre jumbo magnet sets is not just the excellent design, but more so the small but colorfully illustrated guide that will help you teach your little ones about magnets--what they are and how they work. There are toddler-appropriate experiments and lots of models to imitate. From simple recognition of the different pieces and their colors, to the growing complexity of the models, your toddler's reasoning and manipulative skills will be put to the test for years to come. And because SmartMax magnets can carry up to sixty times their own weight, designs stay together better, yet come apart with a gentle tug, so there are no pinched fingers or frustrated builders.
Nicki Baby
For over 100 years, the Kathe Kruse Company has made award-winning dolls with a legacy of simple design and high-quality, handmade craftsmanship. Your baby will be smitten with their tiny Nicki Babies in ultra-soft velour sleepers and colorful pointed caps. They are easy for even tiny babies to clasp and cuddle, and teething babies will find the cheery hat irresistibly soothing.
A perfect first toy for baby, each pipSquigz is a different playful shape, color, and texture. And they rattle! A crucial developmental milestone for infants is sensory integration, and pipSquigz has nailed it by combining touch (wavy ridges), sound (soothing rattle or explosive pop), sight (love the colors and the embossed smile), and taste (a terrific teething toy).

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