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Ballantyne Set A, Set Of 10 Books
Ballantyne Set A, Set Of 10 Books

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Set includes 10 hardback books by R.M. Ballantyne:

The Coral Island
398 pages
Probably the most popular and thrilling story by R.M. Ballantyne, The Coral Island is a breathtaking account of narrow escapes, harrowing trials while stranded in the south Pacific, the very real need of the cannibalistic, pagan savages for the light of the Gospel, and the courage of three young adventurers.
Follow the journey of three boys - Ralph Rover, Jack Martin, and Peterkin Gay - as they survive on their own by the providence of God for months on end, from one exciting experience to another. When their ship is wrecked, they find themselves marooned on a coral island in the Pacific, and must learn how to make the most of what they have. A mirage leads them to a hidden underwater cave in the water where they keep a supply of food and necessities in case of danger. They learn to make their own weapons, hunt wild pigs, drink coconut "lemonade," and battle both cutthroat pirates and savage cannibals, braving all sorts of dangers in true manly fashion.

The Gorilla Hunters
378 pages
In this exciting sequel to The Coral Island, R.M. Ballantyne continues the story of Ralph Rover, Jack Martin, and Peterkin Gay who, after their return to England for rest after their South Seas adventures, are now intent on joining the great hunters in Africa for a journey into the anterior of the Dark Continent.
In the course of their safari adventures, they fight with savages, hunt elephants and gorillas, and visit native tribes. Peterkin gets thrown by a wild African buffalo, and Ralph is "hugged" by a gorilla. Upon their return to England, a newfound tribal warrior, King Jambai, sends back their numerous boxes of hunting trophies. Find out how their excursion concludes, and if they all survive the African journey!

Deep Down
389 pages
In this heart-warming tale of love, life, laughter, and tragedy (with some smuggling thrown in), travel back in time to explore life set amongst the people living near the tin and copper mines of St. Just, Cornwall, in the mid-nineteenth century. During the mid-1860s, R.M. Ballantyne spent over three months living amongst the Cornish mineworkers of St. Just. There, amidst the dangers of the deep mines, a story of courage, contentment, and adversity takes place, encouraging young readers to be grateful for the many blessings we all enjoy of home and faith. Ballantyne incorporates into his novel many historical facts, producing an exciting and very accurate portrayal of Victorian tin and copper mining and everyday Cornish life.

Blue Lights
397 pages
Miles Milton is a prodigal. He struggles with authority, and, like the prodigal son in Scripture, must learn the lessons of life the hard way. Through a series of events, he joins the British army for the war in the Sudan, thinking he will experience the good life of adventure and proudly make his way in the world. However, the providential hand of God has prepared a course for young Miles, whereby, through the adventures and experiences of life in the blazing heat of the Sudan and among the tribal clans, and while attempting to survive among his enemies, he realizes the folly of his youthful ways. Bravely he faces all the difficulties that come his way, and his heart is changed to seek God. Ultimately, Miles Milton returns home from northern Africa to England where he reconciles with his family in a joyful reunion.

The Giant of the North
411 pages
This is the tale of a giant Eskimo, Screekinbroot, also called Chingatok. Journey with our young heroes into the frozen tundra and icy waters of the North Pole regions for encounters with Eskimo peoples and to learn about their life and what it is like when the "Kabiunets" comes to the Arctic.
Captain Vane, his son Benjamin, and his two nephews Leo and Alf come in search of the North Pole. When their ship, The White Bear, gets stuck in the ice, the party of mariners face icy adventures and, in the end, "discover" the North Pole. (This was written before the Pole had been discovered.) There they find an old man whose ancestor was John MackIntosh, one of the sailors of Captain Henry Hudson, who had journeyed to the north pole, married, and had children, one of whom was this old man.

Hunted and Harried
249 pages
In the second half of the seventeenth century, the Scottish Kirk was in direct conflict with the King of England. By 1666, the king's soldiers were given lists of the names of the Scottish Covenanters by the curates, who then hunted them down and persecuted them. This is the story of Will Wallace who begins in the service of the King, searching for Andrew Black, a defiant Protestant. But Will soon joins Black as a follower of Christ, and becomes one of the "hunted and harried" himself. This is an inspiring story, of both the hard truth of those who perished for the cause of Christ and Christian liberty, and the triumph of Christ's love and strength to the faithful saints who persevere in His name. "It is a marvelous record of the power of God.

Martin Rattler
259 pages
Martin Rattler is the story of a mischievous young boy with a good heart. By mistake, he winds up on the ship Firefly with his friend Barney O'Flannagan, headed to the South Seas. Escaping pirates and surviving a shipwreck, the two explore South America in one frolicking adventure after another. A thoroughly delightful read, you will follow the young adventurers as they canoe down the Amazon, narrowly escape an alligator, eat an anaconda and turtle's eggs, are captured by Indians, and then are separated. Martin escapes by jumping over a cliff and tries to make his way home. He meets some men who take him to a diamond mine where he gets a job working under a man named Baron Fagoni. But what happened to his friend Barney O'Flannagan?

The Pirate City
377 pages
The Pirate City is the story of the Algerian pirates who were the scourge of the Mediterranean sea during the early to mid-1800s. They would plunder the ships of other sovereign nations, and as a result were a wealthy little city-state, until their demise in the Barbary War. In this story, set during the heyday of the pirates, a merchant and his sons Mariano and Lucien are captured aboard their trading vessel, and taken as prisoners to the pirate capital of Algiers. A rousing tale, the reader will follow their adventures to rescue other prisoners, experience life in the pirate city, and join in their attempts to escape. Forced to endure slavery as "Christian dogs before their Muslim captors," the heroes rely on Providence to bring deliverance, and ultimately win their freedom through their friendship with the Dey - the ruler of the city. R.M. Ballantyne actually spent time in Algiers and dressed himself as an Arabian to research this book, and its historical accuracy is amazing as the reader learns about life with the Algerian pirates.

Red Rooney
408 pages
The story opens in the Arctic Circle, as young Red Rooney embarks on a voyage from Greenland. His adventures begin early on in this tale when his boat is crushed by ice and sinks. He is left on the ice to perish until an Eskimo named Okiok finds him. This is the story of his time with the Eskimo community and the spiritual battle between the Angekok (false priest) and Christian missionaries. Written to show life among the Greenland and Artic Eskimoes, Ballantyne gives a glimpse into the pagan lifestyle of these natives, their ingenuity and life at sea, while also showing the effects of the Gospel when missionaries bring the good news of Jesus, transforming life and culture. Filled with interesting aspects of Eskimo life including whale hunts, feasting on blubber, and survival in the frigid Arctic regions.

The Young Fur Traders
491 pages
This is the story of the hard life of a trapper in Canada in the early 1800s. Charlie Kennedy lives in the Canadian arctic colony known as the Red River Settlement with Indians, Scotsmen, and French-Canadian settlers. His father, an old fur trader, hopes to convince his son to become a clerk by recounting the dangers of the trapper"s life, but the stories only inspire the boy more to explore the vast Canadian wilderness. Through a variety of circumstances, Charlie finds himself trapping in the vast forests, on a journey with voyageurs down perilous rivers, and surviving all sorts of scrapes and adventures with a new acquaintance, Jacques Caradoc, and an Indian named "Red Feather." Many of Charlie's exploits are taken from the real-life experiences of R.M. Ballantyne's own time with the Hudson Bay Company in Canada. Just as Ballantyne had done, Charlie learns to shoot mercury from his rifle through a two inch board in 39 degree below zero temperatures! Discover the strenuous and vigorous life of a trapper through the eyes of Charlie and his intrepid friends.

Includes Blue Lights, The Coral Island, Deep Down, The Giant of the North, The Gorilla Hunters, Hunted and Harried, Martin Rattler, The Pirate City, Red Rooney, and The Young Fur Traders.
All books are hardcover.
Written by R.M. Ballantyne, April 24, 1825 February 8, 1894.

Author: R.M. Ballantyne
Pages: 3,757 total
Binding: Hardcover
Copyright: 2007 (previously printed in the 1800's)
Publisher: Vision Forum
Printed In: USA

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Talk about BEAUTIFUL books! February 15, 2011
Reviewer: Rebecca K from Federal Way, WA United States  
Wowza...  When I bought these books I thought the price was a little stiff, but seeing how much they were marked down and wanting to encourage my dyslexic son who had strangely taken an interest in adventure books I bought them anyway.  WOW.  I have to say books are NOT made like this anymore.  As much as I love the convenience of ebooks and inexpense of paperback books there's something so tangibly pleasing about reading classic adventure books IN classic books!  My son is so far enjoying the series also, though he's not finished the set.

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