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Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty
Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty

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These are the heat-sensitive putties that change color before your eyes; they never cease to amaze.

Work Your Hands - Work Your Brain

When one of our children was a preschooler, we received the best advice a parent of a kinesthetic child could receive: Let her wiggle. And wiggle she did. I don't think she sat for schoolwork for many years. But sometimes pirouettes and somersaults can be a distraction to other children, especially if you are dealing with a mixed bag of modalities. The visual students in particular will go bonkers trying to be attentive in the presence of a human pogo stick. However the kinesthetic child can't be attentive without movement. A workable compromise is a handheld fidget of some sort. Since last spring, we have investigated a number of fidgets; some were silly, some were creepy, and most were flimsy. I broke three in one week and I am not even kinesthetic! So when our shipment of Thinking Putty arrived, I was eager to see how it fared. The results were outstanding.

Bounce, Stretch, Tear, Drip, Snap, Even Shatter Thinking Putty
Thinking Putty is Silly Putty but enhanced with knock-your-socks-off colors that shift or morph completely as you squeeze. All versions of the non-toxic, non-gooey Thinking Putty will bounce, stretch, tear, drip, snap, even shatter. Silicone-based, they will never dry out.

Stress-Relieving, Hand Exercising Thinking Putty
Thinking Putty is an impressive adult-sized handful of high quality moldable putty. Not just for wiggly children, Thinking Putty is also a stress-relieving, soothing slab of super-smooth elastic putty for tense office workers and impatient computer geeks. It also can be used as a hand exercise for guitar players or therapy for arthritic hands. Each tin arrives with one-fifth of a pound of Thinking Putty and a label that says Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. They offered to put our names on the label instead, at nearly twice the price, but we decided that we would let Aaron be the crazy one! We offer many mesmerizing versions of thinking putty. Each tin contains enough putty for a couple of children to use at the same time.

Note About Clean Up
Like its cousin Silly Putty, Thinking Putty does stick to fabric, hair, and carpet, so keep an eye on where your little guy puts it! For a tidier option for your wiggler and fidgeter, check out Playfoam, which is part of our Pre-K and Kindergarten kits. However, if you do find yourself in a predicament and need to remove stray Thinking Putty, try these tips from the manufacturer: Oops, I Sat on my Thinking Putty!

Featured In: People Magazine Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Discover "cold spots" in your
microwave with Hypercolor Thinking Putty!

Many microwaves have turntables to mitigate "cold spots." These cold spots are between the "hot spots," places where microwave light consistently peaks. If you place Hypercolor Thinking Putty in the microwave, you'll be able to reveal these locations. The Hypercolor Thinking Putty will begin to change color in certain specific areas (hot spots).

Place the Hypercolor Thinking Putty onto a piece of cardboard covered in microwave-safe zip bags. The plastic bags will help ensure an easy removal from the cardboard. Then, place it in the fridge for a few minutes so it can cool off and every section can even out in temperature.

While the Hypercolor Thinking Putty is cooling, remove the microwave's turntable and place a dish upside-down over the motor. Next fill a coffee mug with water and place it on top of the upside-down dish. By now the Hypercolor Thinking Putty should be sufficiently cooled so move it from the fridge to the top of the water-filled mug.

(Note: We use the mug of water as a "sink" -- a place for all the excess microwave energy to collect as heat. This is good for your microwave -- trust us. Also, you'll get better results if your Hypercolor Thinking Putty is in the middle of the microwave and not sitting at the bottom. The mug makes a good stand.)

Turn on your microwave and watch through the window. It shouldn't take more than a minute before you see little colored spots forming on the surface of the Hypercolor Thinking Putty. Stop the microwave once you start to see these spots. Those are your microwave's unique hotspots.

This experiment is easy and fun, but there are a few safety precautions:

1. Do not turn on your microwave with only a tiny piece of putty in it. Your microwave needs to have something else in it, such as a glass of water, to help absorb all the extra energy.

2. Your microwave will make the Hypercolor Thinking PuttyHOT! In the spots where the color has changed, the Hypercolor Thinking Putty can be VERY HOT...almost molten. This can burn you. Wait until after it has changed back to the "cold color" before you touch it again.

Have fun!

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Thinking Putty February 16, 2017
Reviewer: Noah Miller, soccer boy, age 12  
I like Thinking Putty because it never dries out. You can mold and make unlimited things with it. Sometimes I use plastic utensils to cut it into shapes or make impressions in it. I like the variety of colors too. If it drops on the floor it tends to attract lint and dust that is impossible to get out. Sometimes it's hard to get out of the metal tin but you can pry it out with some effort.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Thinking Putty January 18, 2017
Reviewer: Asa Pyle, age 7 from Nampa, Idaho  
I really like my Thinking Putty. I have 2 kinds. One is shiny. The other one changes colors when I play with it. When I am having trouble focusing I like to play with it. It helps me focus on my work when I have something to do with my hands. I also like to mix pieces of it up to see what new color it makes.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty - Twilight January 16, 2017
Reviewer: Emma, age 10 from California  
I like  Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty - Twilight because it is fun to play with and it can help you focus. I also like that it is heat sensitive, which means that if you warm it up with your hands it will change color. This kind of Thinking Putty is slightly hard to pull apart, unlike some other kinds of Thinking Putty. I like that it is hard to pull apart because then it is satisfying once you successfully pull it apart. I also like bouncing it, but it is hard to keep in your control and then it is possible to lose it.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Love it February 8, 2016
Reviewer: Victotiaporter10  
My 3yr old and 5yr old love the thinking puddy! My 5yr old has a very hard time with sitting still and being able to concentrate. The puddy allows her to get her fidgets out while still getting her work done. Highly recommend for children who have a hard time concentrating. An amazing plus is that it is easy to clean with water.

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Really love the thinking putty. November 23, 2015
Reviewer: Cathy H.  
Really love the thinking putty. The change of colors has been so much fun for the kids. They play with it every day!

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