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Why use Prismacolor colored pencils? Prismacolor colored pencils are convenient, easy to transport, and practical to work with anywhere. Colored pencils will allow you lots of control so that it is easy to keep your lines clean and precise. Unlike painting, your child can work all day with the vibrant colors of colored pencils without any of the mess. If you grew up with the same colored pencils I grew up with, you may be thinking, "I donít remember colored pencils having particularly vivid pigments." Don't let thoughts of the typical school-quality colored pencils influence you. Those inexpensive pencils are of poor quality with hard, gritty leads. They will not only waste your money, but also your child's time and effort. Using top-flight colored pencils is a lot like painting with watercolors. Because the pigment is somewhat transparent, the hue of one pencil applied over another will combine visually to create a new hue. Such complex compositions are pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, unmixed colors often convey rawness and lack of subtlety. So where does a mom with little art background go to find a high-quality colored pencil? As with all our products, the first step was research. No matter where we turned, resource books, art courses, artists, even sales representatives for competing manufacturers, the recommendations were all the same: Prismacolor.

Peggy from Gig Harbor, WA

If you just want to let you child play with color pencils, you will probably balk at the price of Prismacolors, but If you want to teach art, these are the pencils to get. Do be sure to teach your student to take proper care of these; dropping them will cause the color to break inside the pencil... the break will not be noticed until the pencil gets sharpened to the place where the break is. Buying a small set is a great way to start. After the student has learned to blend colors and is interested in doing more, shop for discount offers... sets are available in various sizes up to 120 colors. The basic colors get used the fastest, so having an initial starter set will make a new big set last longer. In fact, I recently purchased a basic set of 12 to replenish my daughter's huge collection.

Anna from Williams, IN

We love the prismacolor pencils available at Timberdoodle. Presently, my son is illustrating a book for children and is using a set we purchased from Timberdoodle recently. The colors are beautiful and easy to work with for all ages. I strongly advise buying a set or two, as they always come in handy, not only for art, but for science too!

Janet from College Station, TX

I love these colors. We bought the regular set & the metallics (our son is really into 'silver & gold' right now). These never break. It is so wonderful, I cannot tell you how many times I would sharpen map colors only to have the lead fall out. We got the set with the portfolio for our son for Christmas. He really liked the portfolio for his personal drawings, but we all use the colors for school projects. I highly recommend these - they are a great value.