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  Pre-K Secular Curriculum Kit
Pre-K Complete Secular Homeschool Curriculum - Timberdoodle Co

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Timberdoodle's review
Do you need a customized PreK Timberdoodle Curriculum?

Are you looking for a complete homeschool curriculum for your Pre-Kindergarten student? You'll find that Timberdoodle's Curriculum accommodates the hands-on learner, reaches for academic excellence, and encourages a growing love for learning. We also stress critical thinking skills and, even at this early grade, work towards independent learning. This program is designed for the three- or four-year-old who is eager to learn, but not truly ready to read.

One note: Depending on your child's pace, you will find that this includes enough material for a relaxed two years of learning or a fast-paced one-year approach. Our suggestion? Just jump in and see how your child does. Many will be eager to speed ahead, but if you find that your child really isn't there yet, simply slow down and enjoy this all-too-fleeting stage.

This secular edition is geared towards those of you who purchase through your local school district or simply prefer that your curriculum kit has no creationism or conspicuously Christian content.

28 Crazy-Smart Tools Included:
2014 Scheduling eGuide - Pre-K
Can You Find Me?
Big Skills Alphabet
What your Preschooler Needs To Know
Jumbo Pencils + Fish Sharpener
Magnatab - Upper Case
My Book of Easy Mazes
Mathematical Reasoning - Beginning 2
Link 'N Learn Links + e-book
Big Skills Colors and Shapes
Imagination Patterns
Smart Fellow Pegging
Basic Builder + e-book
Science with Tots Deluxe Kit
A Street Through Time + A City Through Time
Build-A-Town Sticker Book
Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas
Draw and Learn Places
My First Scissors
Finger Tracks
Friends Light Clay
Sands Alive

Timberdoodle's eGuide explains which books to use when, and how to schedule your school year. A printable weekly checklist is included to get you up and running in minutes. Just complete this week's work and you're done - no agony over Monday's dental appointment or your family plans over the long weekend. Plus, even from this early age you'll be teaching your child independent study skills

Timberdoodle's Scheduling Helps Guide


Can You Find Me? Kindergarten

When your child tires of the dead-end workbooks available at your local discount stores, treat him to a copy of these new brain-stretching texts. They will develop your child's language skills by using similarities and differences, sequences, classifications, analogies, and logic to solve colorful rhyming riddles. All riddles require the answering of two or more clues to figure out the answer.

Cutting and pasting, tracing and drawing--this massive workbook provides hours of productive entertainment. While developing the fine motor skills he will need for writing, your child will also learn his alphabet, as well as practice following directions. The bite-sized activities are not too hard or long for a three- or four-year-old, and staying on task is a skill he'll need for the rest of his life!

Big Skills for Little Hands - Alphabet

What Your Preschooler Needs to Know

How do you prepare your non-reader to love reading? Whet his appetite by reading to him! What Your Preschooler Needs to Know read-alouds include twenty-eight poems, thirty songs, thirty-one science-themed readings, and more on history, art, and stories. By sitting down with your child and reading three to four selections a week, you'll cover lots of basic facts and bring up many different topics to discuss.

Jumbo Pencil 2-pack + Fish Pencil Sharpener

A standard-sized pencil is often difficult for sweet, chubby fingers to grasp. These Jumbo Pencils make gripping easier with their large surface area, triangular shape, and appealing grippy nubs.

Faber-Castell Fish Sharpener is a child-sized sharpener that can sharpen both regular and jumbo-sized pencils. It has a compartment to contain messy shavings and a bonus eraser cap to keep the shavings where they belong, which is all you really need. That the same sharpener is fun to look at is just a bonus! The ergonomic, high-quality Faber-Castell Fish Sharpener is both functional and fun and makes a perfect addition to any homeschooler's desk.

Jumbo Pencils
Fish Pencil Sharpener


The Purpllinker is difficult to categorize. The coordination, reasoning, and problem-solving skills it requires place it squarely into the construction category. However, the subject matter, extreme portability, and emphasis on prereading skills make it seem more like a thinking skills game. Looking much like great-grandpa's old-fashioned carpenter's ruler, but smaller, softer, safer, and easier to maneuver, the child-friendly Purpllinker will hold its shape, allowing your child to create the entire alphabet one letter at a time (or to make any other simple shape he wishes).

The A to Z Magnatab is the ideal tool to help your child focus on forming letters correctly and consistently. Your child will eagerly trace each letter with the magnetic stylus just to see and hear the little metal balls snap to the surface to make the letter. Then, to further help him develop a feel for each letter, lightly trace over the letters with the tip of a finger and the metal balls clatter back into the A to Z Magnatab base. One tool, two approaches to teach young children how to write the alphabet.

Uppercase Magnatab

My Book of Easy Mazes

Tracing his way through mazes will help your child build more confidence in his fine motor skills and practice basic pencil control, preparing him to begin writing. Kumon's My Book of Easy Mazes features bold, colorful pages with beginner level mazes, just right for your Pre-K scholar.


Mathematical Reasoning Beginning is a highlight for this age. The activities are simple, engaging, and colorful. Whether it is drawing a line from the dog to the correct number of bones or crossing out the pancakes mom and dad ate for breakfast to determine how many are left, this book is a perfect introduction to the basics of math. Concepts spiral gradually, so that children do not forget as they go, and are written to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. At this age, math is an interesting puzzle to be solved, and Mathematical Reasoning will not let it become tedious to your child.

Math Reasoning Beginning 2

Link 'N' Learn Links 1,000

The Link 'N' Learn set was one of the most versatile educational items we had during the early years of homeschooling our five children. During school time, we used Link 'N' Learn links for sorting, patterning, and counting. But when class was done, the kids found dozens of ways to incorporate them into their play; anything from restraining a wild stuffed animal to being used as currency, with each color representing its own denomination! The 1,000 pliable links are easy to hook and separate. Link 'N' Learn links come in six happy colors and are packaged in a reusable storage bucket.


Young children are almost always hands-on learners. That is why your child picks up and touches everything. And because at this age your child will learn more easily using this preferred learning style, we recommend adding a hands-on thinking program to your curriculum to add balance and success. Because this program requires the repeated handling of tiles, your child's fine motor skills are strengthened and his eye-hand and brain coordination are greatly enhanced. Your Pre-K Curriculum Kit includes the Bambino Starter plus these add-on packs to exercise your child's hands-on thinking: Visual Perception Pack 1, Critical Thinking Pack 1, Theme-based Learning Animals Pack, BambinoLUK Concentration Pack, BambinoLUK Critical Thinking Pack 2, BambinoLUK Beginning Math Pack, and BambinoLUK Visual Perception Pack 2. This allows your child to complete four to five new puzzles every week without running out too soon!

Bambino Board


Big Skills for Little Hands - Colors and Shapes

Just like the Alphabet book, Colors and Shapes does an amazing job of teaching important concepts while your child practices his coloring, cutting, drawing and much more. One of the often-overlooked but really important things he'll learn with this series is the vital skill of staying on task while completing a worksheet.

Imagination Patterns, with their brightly-colored magnetic blocks and full-color design challenges, develop essential skills every child needs. Not only does Imagination Patterns encourage children to think, but also to explore and discover the way shapes can be combined to form intricate designs. The magnetic blocks can be arranged inside the sturdy wood carrying case to duplicate any of the fifty cards that include animals, faces, vehicles, and more. Plus, the magnetic board doubles as a dry-erase board, so your child can add a backdrop for his creations how cool is that?

Imagination Patterns


Utilizing 20 template cards and 18 furniture-grade wooden pieces painted in joyous circus colors, Smart Fellow Pegging is an extraordinary construction set for your tiny thinkers that engages both their brains and motor skills. Smart Fellow Pegging gently leads your preschooler through the challenges of creating a 3-D model from a picture. Destined to be a family favorite, Smart Fellow Pegging is a brilliant blend of thinking and building and is perfect for ages two to six.

Haba Smart Fellow Pegging

Basic Builder Set

It is difficult to find a beginning construction set for three-year-olds that not only introduces 3-D thinking but also includes the repetitive twisting motion that will strengthen their dexterity, finger strength, and bilateral coordination. The Basic Builder Set, with its two working tools and 42 pieces made to Hape's signature high-quality standards, does that and more. Hape Basic Builder Set features easy-to-follow, color-coded directions for making seven models, plus you'll receive our exclusive e-book download with 36 weekly activities to carry you through the school year.


This Timberdoodle-Exclusive treasure-trove of child-friendly experiments may be the most exciting part of your child's education this year. The My First Super Science tote is jam-packed with all sorts of polymer marbles, fake snow, test tubes, even the new Energy Stick that makes your child a human circuit board while teaching about conductivity. In addition, we have included a superb magnifying glass; sturdy, oversized tweezers; and a large horseshoe magnet. Plus, with every purchase you will receive access to our exclusive Science with Tots e-book download with thirty-six weeks of easy, hands-on experiments using this popular kit!

My First Super Science Kit Deluxe


A Street Through Time
A City Through Time

Little ones are not ready for an in-depth history curriculum, but the concept of things happening before they existed is so fantastic they almost can't believe it! Both A Street Through Time and A City Through Time offer a look at the same place from early history until now. This is a wonderful concept, to be sure, but what we loved were the illustrations. Lovingly detailed, each person obviously has a story just waiting to be told. We can see hours spent studying the pictures and making up stories to go with each person. The (discrete) glimpses into bathrooms at different times are just one detail that is sure to intrigue your child. As this is a secular title, our family would not have read this book without discussing the sadness of the idol worship appearing in places, but frankly, idolatry is so prevalent today that the discussion is absolutely vital regardless of your book choices.

Before he can begin to comprehend the world, your pre-K student needs to understand his community. The Usborne Build a Picture Town Sticker Book starts the dialog. By placing all the essential buildings, colorful cars, commerce trucks and happy people stickers together on the various pages, your child will begin to grasp what community looks like and develop the vocabulary to investigate it more.

Build-A-Town Sticker Book


Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas

Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas is a unique geography title. Each of the six two-page spreads features an entire continent, while Antarctica and an overview of the globe each get one page. The pages are liberally sprinkled with charming illustrations and a ton of flaps just begging to be lifted. Underneath each are interesting facts, kid-friendly scenes of life in another place, or even sweet animal pictures. A giant world map is also included -- why not hang it on your child's bedroom wall or above his school area, then add pictures of far-away relatives or your church's missionaries? This is another secular title, but there is very little that we would have had concerns about, even in our super-conservative family.


Colorful and engaging, Draw & Learn Places introduces your child to his community while making some important precursory steps to reading and writing. Draw & Learn Places features an assortment of houses, rooms, and animal habitats, and instructions are easy to follow.

Draw and Learn Places

My First Scissors

The Creativity for Kids My First Scissors are really cool, chunky fish scissors that make cutting paper easier for little hands. The ergonomically designed, bright orange and yellow scissors operate with a spring mechanism, are for both right-handed and left-handed use, and feature blades with rounded points for safety. Officially for ages 4+, we've included them in preschool simply because we haven't been able to find safer or better beginning scissors.

I love these kits! Djeco Finger Tracks is both practical and inspiring. Djeco knows that children prefer to create only after they have some basic skills. Djeco Finger Tracks contains everything your young artist needs to finger-paint beautiful masterpieces, providing her with brilliantly simple instructions and lovely, top-quality materials worth working with. Finger Tracks features two each of four large, colorful paintings (leopard, tree, zebra, and snake) to finish and display!

Djeco Finger Tracks

Light Clay Friends

This whimsical Friends kit from Djeco will guide your young child bit by bit through the creation of five simple, flat, yet three-dimensional animals. Includes ultra-light clay that air-dries to lovely results; a variety of stickers; wiggly eyes; and a remarkable, step-by-step color booklet; your child has everything he needs to complete a treasured piece of art while practicing following directions.

One of the most amazing modeling materials we have ever offered, Sands Alive can be sculpted like clay, yet feels surprisingly soft and fluffy and is incredibly addictive to mold and shape. Sands Alive Let's Go Learn includes 3.5 pounds of Sands Alive, geometric shapes, textured rollers, carving tools, and a storage case. Sands Alive never dries out or hardens, and it is made from a unique, 100% organic, natural formula of ultra-fine pulverized limestone, crushed sand, and moisturizing oils typically used in manufacturing cosmetics, and is both non-toxic and gluten-free.

Sands Alive - Let's Go Learn

Award Winners

An Almost Perfect Fit? Build your own custom kit here or contact customer service to have them help you customize your order.
FYI, the online customizer starts with our standard, non-secular Curriculum Kit products. To get the secular options as listed above, just make sure you select those alternates. Too confusing? Just send your list to us and we'll get right back to you with your custom kit!

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ blog post to find out more.

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3yrs.

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