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  Pocket Disc Sports Edition
Pocket Disc Sports Edition

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Watch Phd Pocket Disc in action!
All the fun of plastic discs without the pain!
Odds are that either you are a crunchy-granola mom or you are friends with one. In either case, we have the ideal inexpensive gift to light up any mother's eyes. The Phd Pocket Disc is a 100% cotton, handmade, fair-traded, colorful pocket disc that is perfect for spontaneous play indoors or out. Flying discs are one of the hottest toys for college students, outdoor enthusiasts, and families. But unlike the plastic discs that sting on contact or the foam discs that acquire unpleasant odors, the Phd Pocket Disc's soft cotton is both completely harmless and washable. The Phd Pocket Disc requires no batteries, emits no obnoxious beeps, won't mark your walls or break your windows, and it sails beautifully!

Easily sails across a room
Families with young children have found that catching the Phd Pocket Disc was much easier and more comfortable than catching a plastic disc, because a child can grab at the Phd Pocket Disc without worrying about striking his hand on a hard surface. While a Phd Pocket Disc sails across a room by catching air under its lip, when your child catches it, the Phd Pocket Disc will collapse gently into his hand. A great choice for its portability, the Phd Pocket Disc can easily be balled up and stuffed into a pocket, purse, or diaper bag.

Fair-trade made
Phd Pocket Discs are made by Mayans of Guatemala who have been weaving and crocheting bright patterns for centuries. Each village specializes in a few patterns; the patterns of a village are passed down through generations. Phd Pocket Discs utilize that indigenous skill, and in return for the amazing artistry of these women, they are paid a fair wage and work under good conditions. The money they make crocheting the brilliantly colorful Phd Pocket Discs helps keeps them out of poverty in a country in which 56% of people now live below the poverty level.

The perfect disc for college student, back-packers, or indoor/outdoor fun
At less than three ounces, the Phd Pocket Disc is perfect for the weight-conscious backpacker/hiker or the overtaxed purse hauler. The Phd Pocket Disc is eight inches in diameter with a 3/4 inch under-lip for an easy grip and impressive toss. Due to the handmade nature of the discs, please understand that exact colors may differ slightly from what is shown.

100% Cotton
Made by Mayans in Guatemala