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Number Balance

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Number Balance
Essential in our home for teaching math in the elementary years, few manipulatives can do all that a Number Balance can do.

Demonstrates A Slew Of Mathematical Relationships.
This T-shaped scale with twenty weights visually demonstrates a slew of mathematical relationships. The hinge of the balance is the same as the "equals" sign in a number sentence. Moving a weight away from the center makes it "heavier;" hence, the number gets bigger.

Practice Equations
With the Number Balance, you can practice addition by placing one weight on the left side and asking your child to balance it with two or more weights on the other side; subtraction by placing a weight on a number on the left and a weight with a smaller number on the right and have your child solve for the missing number; multiplication by hanging two weights on the number "4" and seeing that it equals one weight on the number "8;" and division by hanging one weight on the number "9" and giving your child three weights to find a place for.

Balance Their Workbooks with a Manipulative
There are many, many more exercises you can do with a Number Balance. Bring it out once a week to let your child solve his workbook problems with it instead of paper and pencil and his grasp of math will skyrocket. Set includes scale, twenty balance weights, and teacher's guide.

  • Scale
  • 20 balance weights
  • Teacher's guide

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