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NanoBlocks are the Revolutionary Micro-Sized Build Blocks!

Now your older children can construct supersmall, palm-sized versions of some of the world's most famous buildings with the award-winning NanoBlock. Japan, with its history of miniaturizing everything from trees (bonsai) to poetry (the haiku), has taken its passion for detail, precision, and refinement and applied it to construction kits with the revolutionary NanoBlock.

Pixel art versions of familiar landmarks
The NanoBlock's very tiny size means that far more detailed models with a much greater degree of accuracy can be built in a smaller space and at less expense. These pixel-art versions of familiar landmarks and vehicles are sized just right for a desk, making NanoBlock a perfect gift for the office worker. And the smaller bricks allow more detail to be packed into a significantly smaller space, so models will look more like their subject than Legos™ can.

Liven up a drab office desk
But this amazing detail comes with a trade-off. Because they are such tiny pieces, Nanoblock's edifices are not as structurally sound as Lego™ buildings can be and are prone to collapse with rough play. So plan on using these architectural masterpieces more as playful accessories to liven up a drab office desk or as amazing accents to your geography studies than as a toy for a swarm of little boys. Likewise, some of these micro-sized building blocks can be difficult to hold, put together, and take apart. An older child should do fine, but a younger one will just be frustrated. Also, for those who want to know, not only are NanoBlocks way too small to be compatible with other building sets, their undersides lack the typical tubes for connectivity.

Perfect gift for aspiring designers, architects, or collectors
NanoBlocks are the perfect gifts for any aspiring designer, architect, or collector and are recommended for ages eight and older, unless your child has exceptional fine motor skills.