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Piano Wizard replaces the drudgery of typical piano practice with arcade-game drills and instant feedback. The lessons are systematic and thorough, the games enjoyable and the competition extremely motivating.

Piano Wizard Premier includes 200 songs in categories including children's songs, folk songs, holiday songs, folk songs, hymns, and easy classics. And every Piano Wizard purchased from Timberdoodle Co will also include a CD-Rom with an additional 100 Gospel songs, a $100 extra value for free. Not only that, but parents can download MIDI tracks off the Internet.

Piano Wizard Academy Complete is more than just musical games. It takes students beyond the basics they would learn in the Piano Wizard Premier, moving through 50 lessons on five educational DVDs and lesson books with sheet music to go beyond educational games to playing a real piano. Don and Delayna Beattie bring years of teaching experience to the DVD instruction, wlaking your student through the basics of music theory, introducing them to essentials like phrasing, fingering, scales, harmony, and technique.

Included with both the Piano Wizard Premier and the Academy is a very sturdy 49-key MIDI keyboard. Widely used throughout schools and homes across the country to teach young children music, Piano Wizard is an effective course that produces measurable results.